Police Criticize For Taken Innis’ Remains To Funeral Home Instead Of Hospital

Liberia Police Chief, Inspector Patrick Sudue

Following the mysterious death of a senior staffer of the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL), Matthew Innis, and the concealed removal of his remains by the police with a proper medical check, Liberians who spoke to the GNN are expressing disappointment over the manner in which the police acted in removal the remains of Innis at 2am last Sunday with alerting health authority.

“We’re baffled over the secret CBL official who police said was allegedly hit by a moving car, and taken away by the remains to a funeral home, instead of a medical center to equally establish the cause of death. The police is threading a wrong path, there is a need that the police tell the public why such decision was taken,” Abraham Jallah a student of the University of Liberia speaking to the GNN wondered.

In addition to Jallah’s assertion, dozens of Liberians who spoke to the GNN immediately after the incident are saying similar thing, noting that the police must come out and explain to the public as to what led to such action, “I think authority at the Liberia National Police should come to the public to address itself to the issue,” Jamesetta Nagbe, a resident of central Monrovia noted.

Up to date the Police is yet to come out publicly as to the result of the alleged car that it said killed the Central Bank of Liberia official early our of Sunday morning.

Source closed to the police said the remains of Innis after the accident on that Sunday morning, his brother not named asked the police to accompany him and his demised brother to a nearby funeral home, a request our source said the police accepted, thereby depositing the body at the Stryker Funeral home. Our source said investigation is ongoing to establish the cause of the death of Innis. “We will not dignify media reports of our role, but let the public be assured that when our investigation is completed on this matter, they will duly be informed,” our source in a chat said.

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