Police Commander In Ganta Calls On Citizens To Help Minimize Crimes

From Musa Moore Sherman | GNN Correspondent | Nimba County |

The Police Commander in Ganta, Nimba County  is calling on citizens  of the County to help the police in minimizing crimes in the County, noting that police3 is been challenged with the lack of the facilities that needed to professionally enhance its work in the County.

Col. Augustine Warrie said the Police in Nimba has been challenged with the lack vehicle to allow minimize crimes in community, but the situation has caused and continue to cause lapses in the discharge of  its functions in Nimba, especially Ganta the commercial height of the county where criminal activities is said to be on an alarming rate each day .

He indicated that criminal activities is alarming in Ganta ,and clarified that most of the rubbery going on in the city is committed by criminals coming out of the city.

Meanwhile he further stressed that there is need for the Ganta police Detail to have one vehicle which will help the police fight the continues crimes that is been waged on peaceful citizens in the city, the police commander calls is in effort of the continue calls been made by Ganta city Mayor Mr. Amos N.G Suah that his citizens are been harassed by unknown men in the city.

Committing on the issue of Rape the police commander maintained that the issue of rape in Liberia is becoming a societal issue especially after the fourteen (14) years civil crisis in the country which came as a result of many children being sent in the streets as bread winner for their family and they are rape in different ways and minor as reported on the daily basis across the country which is not unique only to Nimba.

He indicated that people who are in the constant habit of compromising rape cases in the country are must likely to be involve in Raping of they are caught or identified by any law enforcement officer of the LNP.

Ganta in recent time has been hatted by armed robbers both in the main Streets and in communities while the citizens have been complaining of the police inability to get after those criminal leaving them to go with impunity.

Coll. Augustine Warrie concluded by thanking the Marshall arts community in Ganta for helping the Police in Fighting some of the crimes, that is  by serving as the backup of the police on most of the crimes scene. He made these statements when he was invited at the Nimba Intellectual Forum on Saturday Nov.7, 2020.

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