Police Chief Labels Senator Dillon As National Security ‘Threat’

Photo credit: FPA

The appearing at the Chamber of the Liberian Senate yesterday, February 9, 2023, the Inspector General of the Liberian National Police, Mr. Patrick Suedu in a rather emotional mood libeled Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon as ‘National Security Threat’.

The statement by the Chief of police in the CDC-led government did not go down well with the Senator, who sharply reacted to the allegation by the Inspector General of the police.

During the hearing, Suedu was responding to a question asked by Senator Dillon as to whether he was still considered a security threat, as declared by the Executive Protection Service (EPS).

Sen. Dillon Asked: “I was declared a national security threat to the President. Am I still declared a national security threat to the President?

Col. Sudue: “As far as we are concerned, you are still under scrutiny. The threat can be removed if we are sure that the threat that was posed to national security is gone. You will not sit in this hall and ask whether or not you are still a national security threat.”

Senator Zargo, chair of the Senate Committee on Defense and Security, interjected and informed the IG that he did not have the authority to declare someone a national security threat and that such a declaration should be communicated through the Senate. The IG apologized to Senator Dillon and the Senate for his comments at the end of the hearing.

In 2020, the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) condemned Senator Dillon’s threat of violence and war-mongering, which included a statement that he would defend himself and attack the President’s convoy if attacks against him continued. The Director of the EPS warned Senator Dillon and his backers, stating that attacking the President’s convoy or residence would pose a direct challenge to the EPS and result in an appropriate security response.

During a live session on Facebook, Senator Dillon reacted to a violent disruption at one of his community engagement events and promised to retaliate with an “eye for an eye.” He later retracted these threats during a press conference.

Despite the IG’s apology, Senator Dillon expressed that he does not feel safe in a country where the government sees him as a target. He also noted that the police under Patrick Suedu have become partisan, as evidenced by EPS officers wearing party T-shirts at political gatherings.

Credit: FPA

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