Police Assures Security For December 17, “We Taya Suffering” Peaceful Rally

Police Chief, Patrick Sudue

Police authorities in Monrovia have reassured the Organizing Committee of the December 17, “We Taya Suffering Rally”  of maximum security protection of Liberians attending the rally at the SKD Sports Complex in Paynesville, Monrovia.

Police Director Patrick Sudue said Liberians desirous of attending the Rally on Saturday, can do so without fear, and cautioned any person or group against any attempt to foment trouble.

Police authorities gave the assurance on Thursday, December 15, during a meeting with the Organizing Committee of the “We Taya Suffering Rally,” in Monrovia.

The meeting was attended by top brass of the Liberia National Police, Chairman of Team Cummings 2023, Ambassador Lewis Brown, and Executive Committee members of the “We Taya Suffering Rally,” of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

Police authorities promised to deploy sufficient manpower to ensure full protection of all persons within the bailiwick of the SKD Sports Complex, and will react to quell any attempt at disruption.

Earlier, Ambassador Brown reassured the police and the Liberian people, that the rally will be peacefully conducted for Liberians to vent their frustration and agony at the deteriorating economic conditions and the extreme suffering and poverty that have engulfed the vast majority of Liberians.

Dozens of civil society organizations, opposition Political Parties, women, youths and students groups have committed to attend the rally to vent out their frustration and dissatisfaction about the poor governance and the deteriorating economic conditions of the suffering masses.

Political leaders of the United People’s Party (UPP), and People’s Liberation Party (PLP), at a news conference on Wednesday, December 14, pleaded with their partisans and supporters to turnout and join the rally.

Several other civil society groups, including the Disenchanted CDC Network, the former CDC Royal Guards, the Cross-borders Market Women, the Go-buy-and-Chop Market Women, the Indigenous Movement of Liberia and the National Community Leadership Association have backed the rally and called on their members and supporters throughout Montserrado County to attend the rally at the SKD Sports Complex on Saturday, December 17.

They lamented the worsening economic conditions, alarming rate of corruption, wasteful spending, marginalization, the betrayal and disappointment of the cause of the vast majority, by the inept leadership of President George Weah.

The women groups decried the unbearable difficulties experienced in cross-border trade, the deplorable and unsanitary conditions of the various markets, high custom taxes and fees, which they described as frustrating, and makes doing business unprofitable.

The Chairman of the “We Taya Suffering Rally,” Mr. Martin Kollah said the December 17, planned peaceful rally is a platform created by the CPP for Liberians, irrespective of political affiliations, to express their anger and frustration against the government and the need for corrective actions and not about fostering the political agenda of its Standard Bearer, Mr. Alexander Cummings.

He called on Liberians to disregard their political, religious, and other differences to identify with the plight of the suffering masses and the need for the ruling CDC to take appropriate corrective measures to alleviate the suffering and extreme poverty.

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