Police Assures SDPL workers

The Liberia National Police has assured workers and residents of Sime Darby Plantation Liberia  (SDPL) in western Liberia  to do all in its power to investigate an accident case which led to the death of one of the Company’s workers.

The assurance was given last week at a round table meeting held at the headquarters of the Police on Capitol Hill, Monrovia with the local union leaders, family members of the deceased, Mr. Kollie, and representatives from the Company.

The Chief of Traffic of the Liberia National Police, Col. Meekie Gray told the gathering which also included some senior government officials,  that  it is the work of the Liberian government to provide protection for everyone living within the borders of this country.

“We can assure you that we will do everything in our power to come out with an independent report. Look, for the first time in our record for the police to invite you union head to sit with us to conduct investigation and even tell your people to go to the funeral home to be present for an autopsy on the body of Mr. Kolie,” Mr. Gray was quoted by a senior officer who was part of the meeting.

His assurance comes after the union head, Mr. Prosper Kemoyah told him that they needed assurance from the government of an independent report of what led to the death of their friend, Mr. Kollie.  Prosper said they would return to work if they got assurance from the police and the government of an independent investigation and guarantee their security.

Gray was quoted as saying that, “the government of Liberia is here to protect everyone, you and those who are here to invest. That is our responsibility. “

Meanwhile, the police and other state holders are expected to visit the plantation later this week. In a related development, some members from all the estates at the plantation held a meeting on Saturday in Monrovia in which they agreed to speak to the workers to resumed work.

“The police will give report, but we need to appeal to our sons to start work. If they stay away from work, it will not bring Kollie back to life. Let them be working while the police   tries to complete its work,” Mr. Kandakai said in the meeting.

Last week, workers of the Sime Darby Plantation Liberia went on nonviolent strike following the death of one of the workers. He was said to have been involved in a motor bike accident with one of the company’s vehicle.

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