UPDATE: Police Sent To Court A Nigerian Who Trade In LD193,000.00 Counterfeit For Goods

The Liberia National Police has reportedly arrested and sent to court a Nigerian only identified as Daniel Ogwoge for his alleged involvement in the trading of One Hundred and Ninety-Three Thousands Liberian Dollars counterfeit with the newly printed five hundred dollars Liberian bank note to a Chinese businessman in exchange of goods.

According to a police inside source the suspect, Daniel Ogwoge has been sent to court following his arrest by the police, but the second suspect who is believed to be a pastor for a local and named undisclosed gave him the fake cash to purchase some goods, but unfortunately the money carried all in five hundred Liberian Bank Notes was discovered by the Chinese businessman to be counterfeit.

In an effort to ascertain the facts surrounding this alleged fake money, a staff of GNN contacted the Liberia National Police SEU Department, where it was confirmed that the information about the arrest of the Nigerian national on his alleged link to the circulation of counterfeit is being investigated, while the alleged Pastor who is reportedly link to the syndicate is yet to be arrested.

Source at the police also disclosed that the amount, the LD193,000.00 (Counterfeit) has been sent to the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) for perforation; meaning to be discarded and not be used.

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