Police Arrest 2 Nigerians With Huge Counterfeits Liberian Banknotes

The Liberia National Police in Nimba County has arrested two suspects, including a Guinean woman carrying a bag containing huge legal Liberian Banknotes and an unspecified amount of counterfeit Liberian Banknotes.

One of the suspects was arrested in Ganta City near the border with neighboring Guinea and the other along the Liberian-Loguatuo border, respectively in Nimba County. Those arrested include a male Nigerian and a female Guinean.

According to the police, suspect Ugochukwa P. Odom, a 30-year-old Nigerian entered Liberia though the Loguatuo border, while suspect Kolomou Kamara, a Guinean, was arrested at the Ganta main border with over 1,719 Liberian Dollars.

Speaking to reporters at the Ganta police station,3 Suspect Odom explains that he came from Nigeria with the counterfeit Liberian Banknotes with the intent of traveling to Monrovia for business purpose.

He discloses that the money was printed in Nigeria with the aim of bringing it to Liberia to it in circulation, while the Guinean women told The New Dawn Nimba Correspondent that due to the current inflation rate here she was enticed to engage in counterfeiting with the aim of exchanging bad money with good money.

‘’I sell agriculture products in Liberia and I take the Liberian Dollars to Guinea to exchange it with U.S. Dollars but due to the high inflection rate, the money has spent two months with me and I am taking this money to Liberia to one of my friends to exchange it at the rate of 157LRD for US$1.00”, she narrates.

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