Pilot Security Consultancy: The Private Security Making The Difference In Protesting Lives And Properties

This week GNN thought it wise to highlight the professional services being provided by a local private security agency with the primary objective of providing reliable and professional services to its numerous clients in Monrovia and its environs.

‘PILOT’, a name that stands for professionalism and commitment to duty has over the years proven to be one of those entities that grouped trained and well grinded security experts who have over the years made their mark in this sector.

PILOT’s CEO, Mr. Abe S. Kromah

PILOT’s CEO, Mr. Abe S. Kromah is a product of the John Jay University trained experts based in the United States, and is the past Deputy Inspector General of the Liberia National Police; his professional contributions to the security sector awarded him this portfolio.

His involvement in the establishment of a private security consultancy has been applauded by Liberians and foreign residents who feel that his security consultancy firm will make the difference in the sector due to his years-long performances in the sector.

PILOT Security Consultancy over the years, has handled security threats with so much professionalism and have gained the trust and respect from many of its clients by prioritizing the importance of  the protection of lives and properties to its respective clients nationwide.

“We place human security above every other thing and would go at any length to make sure our clients are happy and well protected. We have never been unreliable in our daily operation,” one of its officials speaking to the GNN bragged.

Speaking further, the Pilot official also disclosed,  “When it comes to security, speed is very important. Our security guards are well trained and fit as well; they are ever ready to do the needful at all times without any form of hesitation.”

Regarding the level of professional men they have, he stressed, “We have the best industry experts on our team with vast knowledge and experience working tirelessly to give you the best experience,” he told the GNN in an exclusive interview.

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