People In Southeastern Liberia Are Seriously Challenged Economically

Liberia’s southeasterners are seriously facing daunted challenges, with many drowning in abject poverty due to the slow movement of goods and services in that part of the country as a result of deplorable roads condition.

These bad roads conditions have compelled many travelers to sleep in high forests at the mercy of wild animals, and other dangerous  creatures as a results of their vehicles being hijacked by huge pile of muds backed with unbelievable hole created making vehicles not o move freely.

Executive and members of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL) who were on their way to one of Liberia’s newest counties, Rivergee to celebrate this year’s World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) got the taste of deplorable roads in that part of the country, when they slept days nights in high forests as a results of the roads linking three counties (Sinoe, Rivercess, Grand Gedeh and Rivergee Counties).

The objective of the Union embarking on these dangerous journeys to these unreachable counties due to bad roads condition is to joyously decentralize its activities aimed at making residents of these counties to found part of most of its celebrations.

While in Fishtown, Rivergee County as part of the celebrant, it was noticed that business people and the ordinary were having serious challenges in meeting their daily needs, especially getting their goods from Monrovia and other nearby cities; paying skyrocketing costs to getting their required goods for the public.

Some business people and the ordinary citizens and foreign residents complained about the deplorable conditions of roads, and how they are finding it very difficult to reaching the goods to their respective locations, as a result of this, they said there is no alternative that they can sell their goods without adding little profits.

The price of a 25K bag of rice is sold at Three Thousand Liberian Dollars or US$20,00, while a gallon of gasoline is put at Nine Hundred Liberian Dollars or US$6.00, transportation fare from Rivergee to Monrovia is Eleven Thousand  Liberian Dollars or US$73.00.

As a result of difficulties being encountered by business people and the ordinary, these challenges being faced are extremely unbearable, noting that the Liberian government must do all in its power to improve on the road network of the country.

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