Peace Returns To Kinjor, As Citizens Welcome BMMC Road Construction

Citizens of Grand Cape Mount mining town of Kinjor have now returned to peaceful settlement after a protest that led to the destruction of lives and property.

The citizens woke up to good news that the company had started living up to its agreement.

They have begun road works in the Kingor village extending into other parts of that mining county of Grand Cape Mount.

Speaking at the site when the road project started, the youth chairperson of Kinjor Village, D. Wyston Jacobs said he was happy that the company has started road works but encouraged them not to stop it halfway but should continue to Jennnebrown, Lofa Bridge, Lablaman and other places in the county.

He said, “ If you start this road, I do not want you to stop halfway, you should do it to the best.”

According to him, when things are done the right way, protests are avoided.

“When you finish with this road, and you do it best, I think we are going somewhere,” the Kinjor youth chair said.

Mr. Jacobs said after the road work, citizens of the county are anticipating an electricity connection.

“Today, I will applaud you for rebuilding the peace to be back together” he said.

According to the youth chair, they are not violent people so it is with the investors.

“We understand the investment you people are carrying on in this country. We can not allow you people to leave this country because you are our partners” he said.

He added, “ The way you have started, you should continue to avoid protection.”

The young people representation said if the company can live up to the agreement by ensuring job security, roads, electricity, “ I don’t think we will have problems.”

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