Paris protests: Macron seeks way to defuse ‘yellow vest’ demonstrations

By Euan McKirdy, CNN |

French President Emmanuel Macron waves as he leaves the Cafe Belloy, near the Arc de Triomphe in Paris on Sunday.

(CNN)French President Emmanuel Macron has asked Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to meet with heads of political parties and representatives of the so-called “yellow vests” in an attempt to defuse tensions that erupted into violent protests over the weekend.

Around 36,000 people took part in protests across the country on Saturday, but while the turnout was lower than the previous two weekends, protesters clashed with police, torching cars, erecting roadblocks and burning barricades.

The unrest has transformed from dissent over rising gas prices and eco-taxes into a broader demonstration against Macron, his government, and tensions between the metropolitan elite and rural poor.

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