Oxfam launches action plan to improve safeguarding

The move comes as the Charity Commission sets out the scope of its statutory inquiry into the scandal-beset international aid charity

Oxfam has launched a plan of action to improve its safeguarding and its responses to sexual misconduct allegations after a week of damaging revelations about the behaviour of some of its aid workers.

The announcement comes as the Charity Commission set out the scope of its statutory inquiry into the charity in the wake of claims of sexual misconduct in the charity’s programmes in Haiti, Chad and Liberia.

Oxfam’s plan to strengthen its safeguarding systems includes a new independent high-level commission on sexual misconduct, accountability and culture change, which the charity said would involve leading women’s rights experts.

The independent commission will be allowed access to Oxfam records and will interview staff, partners and communities working with the charity across the world. It will also publish a publicly available historical record of cases of sexual misconduct and abuse of power at the charity.

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Source: Third Sector

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