Over 30, 000 residents to benefit electricity as LEC assures district 17, Bomi corridor

By Eldred Thomas |

More thirty thousand residents along the Bomi corridor are expected to benefit from the supply of electricity after years of darkness and the lack of electricity in that part of the country.

The assurance was given on Thursday of last at the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Virginia Sub Station on the LEC in district seventeen, Monsterrado County aimed at paving the way for the supply of electricity.

Funding for the project, according to the LEC management, was made possible through a loan from the World Bank to Liberia’s electricity expansion program.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place at the old substation of the Liberia Electricity Corporation on the Hotel Africa road.

Speaking at the ceremony, the World Bank-Liberia Electricity Project Coordinator, Henry Kimber who used the occasion to provide an overview of the project, stressed the importance of the Virginia sub-station and other processes leading to the electrification of district seventeen to Bomi corridors.

Mr. Kimber said the loan was made possible during the administration of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

According to Kimber, the project is a huge one that will see Somalia, Caldwell, Barnesville Bushrod Island, Brewerville to Bo-Waterside benefit from power supply.

The LEC official told the residents to be patient as the issue of electricity takes time and processes, noting it involve transmission lines, substation, running of wires to homes among others.

He urged the expected beneficiaries to take full ownership of the project and provide their services security,  “This fund was given to develop the energy sector of Liberia and remember, you as beneficiaries will have to pay back also,” he  reminded the residents.

He challenged the expected users to be responsible and warned against the misuse of the facility and power supply.

Kimber commended the district Representative Hanson Kiazolu for been very instrumental in ensuring that the substation construction has jump started paving the way for electricity.

Also speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia Electricity Corporation John Ashley said the supply of electricity will bring about a transformation of lives of thousands of residents of district seventeen stretching out to Bomi County.

The Bomi corridor project he noted is part of a larger donor project supported by World Bank, European Union, African Development and many other donors to ensure electricity expansion over the next three years.

“Over the next years more than one hundred and forty thousand of which fifty thousand have been connected to power are benefiting from the power supply in various part of the country, the LEC CEO informed the gathering”.

Mr. Ashley urged the residents to take advantage of the development coming their way as they will benefit financial dividends by engaging in small businesses to help meet some of their daily demands.

For his part, District seventeen Representative Hanson Kiazolu expressed gratitude to the World Bank and the government of Liberia, while terming the move as a historic restoration of electricity to his people.

Rep. Kiazolu commended the World Bank and donor partners for such funding to bring about major transformation in the lives of Liberians especially his constituents.

“Although it is a loan, but the trust and confidence repose in our country by the World Bank and other donor partners, we are highly appreciative.

He admonished the LEC management team spearheading the project to recruit residents from his district to ensure security of the project.

“Please do not go outside this vicinity to recruit workers you will need to get the job done, he stressed.

According to Rep. recounted his lobby with colleagues at the House of Representatives during the review of the World Bank Electricity project in plenary.

In a joyous mood, Rep. Kiazolu at the same time told residents: “This is development for all regardless of political association, this is not politics my people, this development.

Representative Kiazolu noted to get the project going with the ground breaking for the construction of the substation happened through the collected efforts of the LEC management team, his colleagues and the community dwellers.

The district seventeen lawmaker also reminded residents to be ready for development as it does not come free, noting they must accept if some structures will have to be cleared to give way for the smooth implementation of the project.

Representative Kiazolu pledged his fullest support to project, while promising to continue his legislative oversight to ensure his constitutes benefit from their share of the country’s resources and development opportunities.

Some district residents who spoke after the ceremony in total excitement commended the World Bank and their Representative for the efforts applied in their interest.

“For too long we the people of district seventeen have suffered due to the lack of electricity, they noted.

The district seventeen committed themselves to fully assistance the LEC project team to ensure that power supply to various homes becomes possible.

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