Over 200 Liberians Are Still Stranded In Dubai, Overwhelmed With Hardships

Sources from Dubai

Dubai International Airport (File/AFP)

Over two Liberians who left their country under the canopy of seeking greener pastures in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates are reportedly been stranded due to their disappointment of securing a job as was initially planned prior to their departure from the home country, Liberia.

According to GNN contact in that part of the world, many of these Liberians have reportedly gone out of cash and are now spending sleepless nights in the streets, while others are sleeping in the hallways of some good Samaritans after being left with anything.

GNN contact  despite of effort been made to seek the assistance of Liberia Consulate General of the Republic of Liberia to UAE allegedly proved unsuccessful, as the offices which open once a week were always closed whenever Liberians made an attempt to crave for any assistance.

According to the report, many of those stranded Liberians are appealing to the Liberian government to facilitate their return to their home country, Liberia as many of them cannot afford their stay in that country.

Our contact speaking via mobile phone from Dubai said, “Things are getting harder every day for them; the city of Dubai is very expensive, One Thousand United State Dollar cannot even carry you for a day if you have to buy food, and stay in the hotel a day”, our contact speaking said.

He also said those who can afford to return home are also finding its difficult with local airlines, after been told that there will be to transit to Ghana or Ivory Coast, but rather a direct flight from Dubai which is very expensive, and many of those Liberians cannot afford such air fare.

Effort to contact the Assistant Minister for Public Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Monrovia proved unsuccessful.

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