Ousman Bamba’s Convoy Attacked, Severely Flogged, Vehicles Burnt

Information gathered by the GNN has revealed that Mr. Ousman Bamba, one of the confidants OF President George Manneh Weah convoy was over the weekend attacked in the Ivory Coast amid the current political crisis in that West African state.

According to the report, Mr. Bamba’s vehicles including Range Rover, Mercedes Maybach were all burned, the report also said he was severely flogged and dragged to his home village.

The fate of the Ivorian top businessman remains unknown after a convoy carrying the businessman was reportedly attack by unknown men suspected of being anti Quattara supporters.

The attacked which took placed at 5:00P.M. local time has sent sharp waves across the country with many terming the attacked as works of Terrorist.

Ousmane Bamba, is a strong supporter of President Quattara who is seeking thirdterm as president of the West African state of Cote d’ Ivoire.

It may be recalled last year, Osumanie Bamba, hailing from the region of Tiebassou, lavished Praises on President Alassane Ouattara for his protection in allowing him back to the Ivory Coast.

“Dear people of Tiebassou, I want you to join me in thank God for President Alassane Ouattara. If it had not been for president Quattarra I would have been dead by now.”

“As a token of appreciation, I and the people of Tiebassou remain supportive of your development initiatives and we shall stand by you anyway to ensuring the democracy of Cote d’ Ivoire is maintain.” Ousmane Bamba spoke at a rally.

Recently there has been mixed reactions over  President Alassane Ouattara granting of a lucrative COVID-19 contract to Mr. Ousmane Bamba.

At the time Côte d’Ivoire had 952 confirmed cases of people infected with Covid-19, including 310 cured and 14 deaths, Mr. Bamba was accused of profiteering at the expense of Ivorian during a national pandemic.

Ousmane Bamba denies being the beneficiary of the market for the purchase of anti-Covid-19 masks in China

As part of the fight against the spread of Covid-19 in Côte d’Ivoire, the Government authorized the import of 200,000 million sanitary masks after its decision to make the wearing of a mask compulsory in Greater Abidjan.

According to Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly , an order for 131 million masks was made, including 30 million which should be available later this week and the rest on May 5, 2020, information from Africa Intelligence, in one of its publications that the choice of the head of government fell on the Ivorian businessman Ousmane Bamba for the purchase of these masks in China

“The Ivorian businessman Ousmane Bamba (…) won the supply contracts for Côte d’Ivoire in sanitary masks and respirators”, informed our colleagues from Africa Intelligence.

In a note received from relatives of the concerned, the businessman denies being the beneficiary of this juicy market of 8 billion FCFA. Ousmane Bamba says he is neither a partner, nor a Manager, let alone a member of a company called SOFOMED.

In addition, the businessman does not recognize any approach or contact with the Ivorian Prime Minister with a view to the purchase of protective masks or nose covers.

Ousmane Bamba, who denounces the light processing of information in this period of health crisis linked to Covid-19, threatens to take the courts against the French colleague for disseminating false allegations.

” Ousmane Bamba , refusing that his image is associated with false allegations, says he reserves the right, with the support of his counsel in France, to take legal action against Africa Intelligence located at Rue Montmartre 75002 Paris”, inform his relatives.

The Ivorian businessman Ousmane Bamba, also special adviser to George Weah, President of Liberian, is being prosecuted in Abidjan for abuse of corporate assets, forgery and use of forgery in private writing in commerce and banking.

This dispute concerns 9 billion CFA francs, to the detriment of the company E-com, of which he is one of the partners with the entrepreneur René Yédieti.

Assets frozen in several Ivorian banks

Despite a dismissal on January 14, the appeal court, seized by E-com, froze Bamba’s bank assets in several Ivorian banks on January 22, and this close to Cissé Bacongo, the former minister of ‘Education, and Sansan Kambilé, the current Keeper of the Seals, remains indicted.

Mandated by the Abidjan court of first instance, the chartered accountant Yobo Légré Joseph had, in his report, confirmed the existence of embezzlement involving 10.11 billion CFA francs.

Following the publication of Information Africa article, Ousmane Bamba sent the following clarification:

“The E-com company did not file a complaint against Mr. Ousmane Bamba and it is not a civil party in this case. This is the public prosecutor.

Mr. Ousmane Bamba is not in the networks of Mr. Cissé Bacongo, Minister of Presidential Affairs and even less of Mr. Sansan Kambilé, Keeper of the Seals, otherwise he would not have served two months of preventive detention in a judicial system in which liberty is the rule and detention the exception.

You wrote that the expert’s report mentioned embezzlement. For information, shortly after the publication of this article, the judge concluded that the case was dismissed on February 13, stating that the expert “could not report and that no one has moreover established in the file that said Ousmane Bamba has, in any way whatsoever used forgery, malice, or any subterfuge to make withdrawals from these accounts going beyond the obligation of a double joint signature.

Ivory Coast officials have tallied results on Sunday after a tense presidential ballot marked by an opposition boycott and protests over President Alassane’s Ouattara bid for a third term.

Scattered protests, clashes, vandalized voting material, and some closed polling stations were reported during Saturday’s election, mostly in opposition strongholds, although Ouattara had called for calm and his party was expecting a win.

At least 30 died in clashes in the lead-up to the vote, reviving fears for many Ivorians of a repeat of the West African nation’s 2010-2011 post-election crises when 3,000 people were killed.

Tensions erupted in August when Ouattara, in power for 10 years, announced he would run for a third term, angering opposition leaders who dismissed it as an unconstitutional “electoral coup”.

Opposition leader Henri Konan Bedie, an old Ouattara adversary, called for an active boycott and a campaign of civil disobedience to halt or disrupt the election.

“October 31 was not the deluge, as the leaders of the opposition forecast,” Adama Bictogo, a senior ruling party official, said after the election.

“The popular will was expressed and all the opposition did for months was defend the idea of not holding elections.”

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