Opposition MOVEE Chairman, Dan Saryeh Speaks On Total Lockdown Amid Coronavirus Surge

Mr. Dan Saryeh, National Chairman MOVEE

The National Chairman of the opposition political party, Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Dan Saryeh has been given his input on the much talked about of the lockdown amid the surge of the coronavirus in Liberia, noting that plans to impose total lockdown is troubling amid this broken economy.

He said with effective leadership, robust public awareness and timely response mechanism Liberia should be able to tackle the third wave of COVID decisively. Rather than introducing lockdown, the Legislature MUST convene in a special session to recast the National Budget for targeted COVID response.

On his Face Book, the MOVEE Chairman said, “For example, the budget should target the procurement of Instant Testing Kids, decentralization of the vaccination process including the establishment of mobile teams’ procurement of oxygen, beds and special incentives for medical personnel. It is my view that any attempt to impose lockdown, the hardship and hunger already hurting the population will exacerbate and could trigger public disorder. In this vein, the government should drastically cut back on none COVID Response related spending.”

Stressing, “Hence, the current 37 man delegation to France during these critical times is a display of the level of leadership letdown with which Liberia is gravely confronted. Whether or not the travel to France is a life saving commitment, MUST the government spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayers money to finance the travel of unessential personnel? Our country has fallen and I as a leader of the Movement for Economic Empowerment take personal and institutional responsibility.”

Concluding, Mr. Saryeh craved God to safe the lives of the people of Liberia

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