Opposition LPP Condemns UL Violence Triggered By Rep. Acarous Moses Gray

LPP National Chairman, J. Yanqui Zaza

The opposition Liberian People’s Party has condemned in harshest terms recent violence on the University of Liberia campus which was triggered by CDC Montserrado County District 8 Representative Acarous Moses Gray’s planned, calculated and executed breach of the peace on the campus of the University of Liberia under the false pretense of going for lunch on the campus. The fact that prior to Representative Gray’s visit to the University had announced the closure of all restaurants and entertainment centers on the main campus of the university and responsible members of the public, including members of the ruling party had called on him to cut off his exposed his true intent and motive, which was to create chaos.

The Liberian People’s Party has credible information that Representative Gray actively recruited thugs, hardened criminals and hundreds of drug affected youth, otherwise known as Zogoes who marched along with him to the UL campus in retaliation of the of the booing of officials of government who had earlier visited the main campus of the University. Credible eyewitness accounts said the march of hundreds of hooligans led by Representative Gray was watched by police officers, who in clear betrayal of their oath to maintain law and order, stood by as helpless onlookers to Gray’s invasion of the University campus, reminiscent of the Doe and Taylor eras.

The LPP recalls the violence perpetrated against UP representative candidate Cornelia Kruah by Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee in the District # 13, Montserrado County elections that nearly cost her life. Similarly, the party recalls how in a district-election held in Logan Town, Representative candidate, Telia Urey was violently attacked by CDC thuggish elements and her vehicle was severely damaged, while she narrowly escaped.

During the 2019 violent attack on Ms. Urey in District # 15, Montserrado County, as was depicted on live video armed Police officers stood by and watched as onlookers, thereby exposing the very partisan nature of the Liberian National Police (LNP). Additionally, in 2019, thugs of Jefferson Koijee attacked partisans of LPP during the Anniversary of the Movement for Justice in Africa at the GW Gibson High School.  Furthermore, on the 29th of March in 2022, the Mayor of the City of Monrovia and his thugs attacked members of the Student Unification Party as well as members of the Liberian People’s Party at the memorial service of the late Dr. Amos Claudius Sawyer held at the main Campus of the University of Liberia. The recent conduct of the police during the invasion of the University of Liberia by Representative Grey is a further evidence of the partisan posture of the police under the CDC.

The LPP notes with deep concern the partisan posture of the Police, which if left unchecked could have a serious negative impact on the peaceful conduct of the general and presidential elections in October. This is because of rising public apprehension about the specter of violence which may attend the elections, in view of the reckless public conduct of CDC official, Acarous Gray on the campus of the University of Liberia.

In view of the situation at hand, the LPP calls on the Minister of Justice Frank Musa Dean to institute a serious probe into the disturbances at the University of Liberia campus, with the view of bringing criminal charges against those responsible for the violence. The LPP further notes that there is no provision in our laws and Constitution that protects Legislators against prosecution for criminal behavior. It is the position of the Liberian People’s Party that Representative Grey be held fully responsible for breach of peace and other criminal committed during his visit to the campus.

On another note the LPP wishes to make it clear that the Police has the responsibility to protect the people and it must do so consistent with its oath of office.  In this regard, the LPP would like to remind the Justice Minister, Frank Musa Dean of his obligation and statutory responsibility to oversee the conduct of state security forces.

The LPP notes with disappointment that under the watch of Justice Minister Dean the Police has become very partisan to the point where the public can no longer trust the Police. Several cases of murder have since gone unsolved with the recent murder of the daughter of former Chief Justice Gloria Scott being the latest of such unsolved murders.

Finally the LPP wishes to remind officials of the Weah government that the booing of public officials at the University of Liberia is nothing strange. History recalls that President Tubman was booed at that campus when he interrupted student leader Calvin Cole’s speech which was critical of Tubman. Calvin Cole was subsequently expelled from the University.

Additionally several officials of the Tolbert government were booed on campus and likewise Presidents Doe, Taylor and Sirleaf and other past and present government officials including Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor. Even Dr. Amos Sawyer, who was perceived as the favorite of SUP, did not have a free ride on the main campus of the University of Liberia, when he became interim president of Liberia. The culture of strong expression of dissent at the University of Liberia is not strange in Liberia.

To counter the flogging, torture, imprisonment, killing and even shutting down of the University of Liberia, as the UL authorities have now done, in the wake of Representative Acarous Gray illegal and violent invasion of the UL campus with thuggish elements, a full investigation must be conducted and serious action taken by the government.

Yet, all such measures have not done and will do little or nothing to stop the booing of public officials at that University. In view of this it behooves all public officials to conduct themselves in ways that stand above reproach because anything less will surely invite public scorn and contempt. Public respect is earned, not a given. As it is often said, “to whom much is given, much is expected”.

What Representative Gray apparently does not realize is the immeasurable harm he has wreaked on the already low public image of the Weah government and lest he forgets, there will be consequences for his reckless misconduct.

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