Opposition Calls For Emergency Meeting: As CDC Plans To Make President Weah ‘Priest’

UP; Boakai, ANC; Cummings and LP; Brumskine

Following report by the executive committee of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that its political leader and President of Liberia, George Manneh Weah will shortly be made ‘Priest’, members of the opposition political parties held an emergency meeting recently aimed at discussing the current state of affairs including the 2020 special senatorial election.

The opposition political parties’ meeting which was attended by three major opposition political parties including leaders of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), the Liberty Party (LP) and the Alternative National Congress (ANC)  was reportedly held behind closed door at the headquarter of the Unity Party in Congo Town order to discuss the way forward for the coming mid-term Special Senatorial scheduled for October, 2020.

According to report, the parties represented by their respective chairpersons, secretariat and senior officials highlighted amongst other things including the formation of a political alliance against the ruling CDC in the 2020 Special Senatorial election.

The leaders are also said to be looking beyond the 2020 in an effort to find one political line against the CDC in the 2013 presidential election.

Speaking to reporters after the closed door meeting, the Liberty Party Chairman for Political Affairs, Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon said the decision of the opposition political parties is intended for the opposition community here to build one front and battle for more seats to be won at the level of the Liberian Senate   next year, and further pondered over recent decision by the CDC to make President Weah a   Priest.

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