“Opening New Chapter for Good Governance” – Assets Recovery Team Declares

By: R-Joe Ks FINEBOY |

“The purpose for these Executive Orders through the Asserts Recovery Team (ART) is to open a new chapter for good governance and accountability in the management of the country and it resources” noted the head of government assets recovery team. The team is responsible to retrieve every material and or property belonging to national government.

Speaking at MICAT regular press briefing on Thursday, March 21, 2024, Edwin Kla Martin, head of the ART, said the decision by the Liberia Leader, Joseph Boakai to institute a team of credibility to retrieve government assets is one of the best decisions ever under the Unite Party Government under the leadership of the its former Vice President.

According to Kla Martine, the ART the decision by president Boakai signified his properness to declare war on corruption and restore hope to the citizens and international partners after several years of mass corruptions reports; adding that he and his team are prepare to perform their task to it maximum level in retrieving stolen properties belonging to government.

The former LACC Boss asserted that some of the reasons attributing to the poverty rate of the country is based on bad governance and by not adhering to the rules of law, something he noted that with the order of President Boakai, he and his team, are not going to leave any stone untouched. He cited that the path to good governance and accountability is a parallel on which civilize nations are build but contrary to this, leads to bad governance and unaccountability leaving the citizens into abject poverty. But added that under a responsible government like the Unity Party, under the leadership of President Boakai, there are more to be expected for the god of the citizens and the state.

Martin disclosed that in consonant of the law, he and his team will not be afraid of any force that ought to their way in executing their responsibility.  He further said since their institution of the task force, they have already been retrieving government properties from past government officials, privates individuals and employees of government; something he said he and his team will continue to do so till every government assets are retrieve from illegal owners and users.

Martin used the medium to caution individuals and company operating garages in the city to support the task in exposing allege stolen vehicles that might be taking to them for change of identity. He at the e same time called on past government officials and former employees who are still in the possession government property illegally to report to his team or else face the weight of the law.

He furthered said with the name and identity given them by their intelligent there are name who are expected to be publish soon and some to be place on what he called “Ne exeat republica” (not allowing an excused to leave the country) until investigated and adjudicated. Martin said their operation is not about witch hunting any individual but to insure that the right thing is done for the good of the country for good governance and accountability.

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