On Independence Day, SUP To Launch “Fix The Country” Rally Campaign On Tuesday

Members of the Government owned University of Liberia student political party, the Students Unification Party (SUP) have disclosed that on Tuesday, the 26, of July, 2022, Liberia’s Independence Day a rallies to support a Nationwide Protest Against the CDC-Weah Despotism over Economic Failure, Massive Corruption, Bad Governance, and State Collapse will be launched.

A statement issued by SUP and approved by its Chairman, Mustapha N. Kanneh, said ‘Comrades in the redemption struggle for the dignity of the oppressed of the peasantry of our people, the “Fix The University Generation” of the conscious students of the University of Liberia, forward-thinking student radicals profoundly leading the struggle for the honor of the fatherland, militants, cadres and stalwarts of Africa’s biggest embankment of revolutionary consciousness building and progressive enlightenment- the Vanguard Student Unification Party- SUP, fellow Liberian compatriots; Comrades and Friends

It has been five years since the homeland was beseeched by not just one of the worst tragedies ever in the country’s history, but also the least yet fraudulent collection of people who are so bereft of statecraft. The last five years have been very turbulent and tumultuous for the Liberian people as discontent, hopelessness, and frustration overwhelm them due to the poor leadership that presides over the Country. Liberia is at a critical juncture where the path to a progressive state-building remains elusive to the people; with no hope, horror has become the official symbol of the country. Hard times and crises have befallen the people thus subjecting the masses of the Liberian people to horror and economic despondency. This is a miasma never experienced before in the motherland.

Comrades and Compatriots:

The country is in a hemorrhaging tornado of crisis. There is a general degeneration and sporadic breakdown of the Liberian state. Governance is now taken for wild child’s play as George Weah and his cohorts distribute the resources of the country amongst themselves. The countryside is bleeding and crying. The people are living akin to the wrong side of forty; they sleep in darkness and under odious circumstances, they struggle very hard to survive and to see the next day. Under these difficult circumstances, some young people have either dropped out of school or abandoned school to toil for economic survival. Social vices are on the increase in their dozens; a situation pushing many young people into shameful existence- crime is on the rise, prostitution is on the rise, and misdemeanor is on the rise- all these are throwing the republic back into the sewage tank.

Comrades, under George Weah’s government, this is the fate of the people of Maryland, Grand Gedeh, Nimba, Lofa, Bong, Gbapolu, Cape Mount, and the rest of the countryside. The homeland is passing through a difficult period. An epoch that can best characterize as a society ravaged by inner contradictions, plundering, and mass looting.

Comrades and Militants:

SUP is appalled with how George Weah has plunged the state into reverse. The economy is in atrophy and vulgar insolvency. Five years counting the CDC-Weah formation can not boast of a single Foreign Direct Investment or any noteworthy investment in the country to contribute to youth employment. Frustratingly, businesses are experiencing mass closure due to bad economic policy, fiscal misrule, and corruption. Investors are running away from Liberia. Because of these, unemployment continues to skyrocket consequently leading to the harsh living conditions of the Liberian people. Today in Liberia, more children are selling in the streets than they were before 2018. Many more kids are missing basic primary and secondary education.

The cost of living continues to increase while the government is endlessly harmonizing civil servants’ salaries. Dependency is growing. Poverty is multiplying and hunger has reached an unprecedented height. George Weah has consigned a once thriving republic to the pit of acrimonious destitution- a trilogy of everything bad!

Comrade and Compatriots

As though George Weah and his cliquish minority of crooks have not gotten satisfied with their loot, they have abandoned the education and health sectors to paralyze in dirt busts. Today, public institutions of learning like the University of Liberia, Tubman High, G.W. Gibson, D. Twe Memorial, etc. are in the doldrums of sludge and feculence. The few public schools in the countryside are not supported so they are there laying in rags. But again, we have a president that shed slanders on education- mocking it to nothing. Yes, we are not surprised why this regime has failed to improve education. George Weah himself is a proud academic degenerate!

Comrades, on the Health sector, the government has led it in shambles and turmoil. In Liberia today, thousands of Liberians continue to die from curable and preventable illnesses like malaria and typhoid. This is happening due to a lack of vital drugs in public hospitals, lack of qualified staff, and lack of modern types of equipment. Health workers have protested continuously due to poor working conditions and delayed salaries while hospitals around the country lie in ruins. Our people are dying in numbers while the clueless and careless president dances “Buga.” Under George Weah, Liberia is facing a serious leadership vacuum.

Comrades and friends, Fellow Citizens:

Right before our eyes, we are seeing our country dying in the hands of these social riff-rafts, decorated fortune hustlers, and arrogant tribal minions who have demonstrated shortsighted understandings of public service and nation-building. The leadership of the country is everything rotten and roguish. The government has failed on its campaign promises and betrayed its obligations to the Liberian people and the country is burning down as terror, mysterious deaths, agony, and despair have taken center stage in the destiny of the homeland.

As the country clock 175 years of independence, the failed regime is planning another pageantry and festivities, but the question is, what does Weah has to show after almost 5 years of misrule? Massive failure and unprecedented corruption is all we can say that is there to celebrate. Under this kleptocracy, the country is propelled in a way that works at the disadvantage of the people from whom raw labor the Weah’s criminal syndicate pillage the national treasury. And very interestingly, the country is run in a way that only members of the regime benefit from the commonwealth while the people are made to believe that things are difficult. On the sweat and blood of the Liberian masses, Weah and his troop of criminals and thieves arrogantly wine and dine. What a dreadful yet disconcerting arrogance on display in Liberia.

Comrades and friends:

The last five years of the Weah administration have been very cynical and disparaging, yet, the Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party has never wavered in defending the dignity of the Liberian people and the honor of the country against these yo-yo conmen who have to tighten their belts on the national treasury. SUP as a revolutionary Pan African institution bestowed with a struggling spirit by history to fight injustice, corruption, bad governance, and menacing social follies of society has been very critical of this CDC- human garbage of a government by exposing its excesses, bankruptcies, and faux pas. Amidst the brutal onslaught waged on the party and its militants by this rascal regime, we have stood tall in its face unmasking its criminal shenanigans and annoying ineptitude. At the peril of our lives, we have kept the banner of resistance high against this Weah Kleptocracy that is teetering our country on the brink of a devastating explosion.

Through press statements, mass rallies, and community engagements, we have never seized blazing the pitfalls and misdemeanors of the regime and telling the state what needs to be done to solve them. From all indications, it has been established that this government is impaired in heeding genuine policy prescriptions proffered by authentic voices like SUP to remedy the structural imbalances the state is engulfed with. On many occasions, the Vanguard Party has called this government to act in ways to build its credibility which would win them good support from the International Community and the Liberian people, yet they have never listened. These criminals behave in such a strange way like they do not have the senses of hearing and seeing.

Comrades, militants, and fellow compatriots:

We have reached a point in the existence of our country where we must begin taking more decisive steps to safeguard the destiny of the homeland. A moment where there is nothing more honorable than dismissing a regime that survives on the sweat and blood of the masses of the Liberian people.

Therefore, it is in this light the Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party with immediate effect boycotts the planned 2022 July 26 Independence celebration, and calls on all well-meaning Liberians and the mass of people to do the same; rallies support for a nationwide protest action on July 26 based on the following genuine counts:

  1. The stealing of over US$ 24.8 million from National Road Fund by Min. Samuel Tweah
  2. The stealing of the National Census Fund by Francis Wreh, Lawrence George, and Wilmot F. Smith Jr. as indicted by the LACC June 2022 report
  3. The criminal maneuvering of Min. Jennie Cooper at the Agriculture Ministry as indicted by the LACC June 2022 report
  4. Economic failure of the state and harsh social conditions imposed on the Liberian people by the regime
  5. Failure of the government to publish all financial records of the government from 2018 to present
  6. Constant violation of the constitution by the president and his minions
  7. Compromised and Kangaroo Justice system where justice has been placed on the market
  8. Stealing of elections and undermining the democratic gains of the state by the compromised National Elections Commission Boss Davidetta Brown Lassanah
  9. Massive corruption and graft in government
  10. Deplorable conditions of all government schools in the country
  11. Lack of vital drugs in government facilities and the underpaying of Healthcare workers, nurses, and doctors
  12. The mysterious death of Princess Cooper, Emmanuel Cooper, the three (3) missing boys involved in the St. Moses saga, as well as the secret killings of more than three (3) auditors and all other victims without proper investigation by the police and justice by the state
  13. Deplorable learning conditions at the University of Liberia
  14. Deplorable state of government Secondary Institutions of learning like Tubman High, D. Twe Memorial, G. W. Gibson, etc.
  15. Swelling unemployment and social insecurities
  16. Lack of clean water and sanitation for almost all Liberians
  17. Lack of reliable electricity for all Liberians
  18. Poor disaster management plans as floods continue to carry the homes of Liberians in West Point, New Kru Town, Doe Community, et al.
  19. The institutionalized Criminal act of each Legislator taking 30k in the name of constituents engagement
  20. The two-face dealing between ArcelorMittal and HPX
  21. Wasting 900k for Washington lobby annually
  22. The failure of the government to conduct the planned 2022 National Population and housing census
  23. The proliferation of Drugs and the criminal gang in Liberia
  24. The continuous attack on Press Freedom and muzzling of the media
  25. The unprecedented rise in sexual and gender-based violence in Liberia; particularly rape and sodomy of young girls and boys
  26. The rise in the prices of basic commodities on the Liberian market such as gas price, food, transportation, red oil
  27. The rise in infant mortality in the country
  28. The lack of basic childcare and childhood vaccines in the country such as the vaccine for diseases like measles, polio et al
  29. The deliberate neglect of public infrastructures such as the road from Duala to Broad Street, the Jallah Town Corridor et al, and the dirtiness of the City of Monrovia
  30. The rise in tuition in private secondary schools while the government sits and does nothing
  31. The continuous wave of organized violence and institutionalization of gangsterism by the CDC regime
  32. The failure of President Weah to fulfill his promises to the Liberian people, particularly by not implementing the TRC REPORT by establishing the War and Economic Crimes Court in Liberia
  33. The failure to dismiss government officials with “fake degrees” or academic credentials
  34. Failure to address the issues of Rape, Domestic Violence and SGBV
  35. Failure to address the issues of skyrocketing inflation, mutilated money, and shortage in banknotes on the market

The Vanguard Party says #FixTheCountry!

Comrades and friends, fellow compatriots:

The Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party wants to make it categorically clear that the Independence celebration is very meaningless in the face of extreme hardship, despicable suffering, and sordid social decadence. In a society where the average citizen finds it difficult to afford a daily meal, an independence celebration is absurd and meaningless. In Liberia where the people cannot afford to keep their children in school because no job opportunities or they are paid chicken change, the independence celebration is an insensitive safari. In a country where people are dying of curable sicknesses and hospitals are shut down due to poor support, independence celebration is useless. And in a country where everything is in disarray thus pushing the nation into collapse, independence celebration is feckless, unproductive, and barren!

This is why the Vanguard Student Unification Party calls on Liberians and progressive forces from all walks of the Liberian society to boycott this year’s 2022 July Independence celebration and join us to protest in demonstrating our displeasure with the failure of this CDC regime. From Lofa to Gbapolu, Bomi to Grand Cape Mount, from Grand Cape Mount to Gbapolu, Nimaba to Grand Gedeh, River Gee to Maryland, Grand Kru to Sinoe, and from Rivercess to Grand Bassa back to the shores of Montserrado, we call on Liberian masses to protest. We must protest in all shades and spheres of the country. We must protest to show our disappointment in the regime. Protest to say enough is enough! We are tired of the mendacity and fraud of this regime!

This is the moment fellow Liberians, this is the time!

Finally, the Revolutionary Vanguard Student Unification Party calls on its militants, stalwarts, ideologues, and cadres to begin massive mobilization from community to community, streets to streets, forums to forums, and markets to markets to rally the people as we set to move in history on July 26!

Long Live Massecracy- Long Live SUP!

Gwei Fei Kpeh- The struggle continues!


Signed: _______________________

Cde. Jusu Kamara

Secretary-General/ SUP

Approved: _____________________

Cde. Mustapha N. Kanneh


Source: The Prospective

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