Obama and Biden unite for final election push

‘Joe Biden is my brother. And he will be a great president’

Barack Obama and Joe Biden campaigned together in Michigan on Saturday — the first time the two men have been side by side since Mr. Biden launched his presidential run.

“Joe Biden is my brother,” Mr. Obama said, on stage in Flint. “And he will be a great president.”

Mr. Obama said he didn’t know Mr. Biden that well 12 years ago, when he chose him as his vice president, but has grown to respect his “sense of self, his empathy and decency”.

He said: “For eight years Joe was the last one in the room when I made a decision, and he made me a better president. And he will be a great president.

“I never thought Donald Trump would embrace my vision. But I did hope, for the country’s sake, he might show some interest in the job, or he might take the job seriously. But he never has.”

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