NPHIL Denies Report Of Coronavirus Presence In Liberia

Dr. Mosoka P. Fallah, Acting Boss of National Public Health Institute of Liberia

The National Public Health Institute of Liberia (NPHIL) has category denied media social media report that a Chinese man has been quarantined in Monrovia for suspecting of having the virus.

NPHIL making the clarification on a local radio station, said at no time there has been no report of a suspected carrier of the virus in the country, and further called on the general public to report any suspected case been noticed, and also disclosed that it is on the alert of any report of the virus presence.

Since it was highlighted on social media that a Chinese national had arrived in the country with the virus, Liberians have been expressing fear of another rebirth of a deadly virus presence in the country making reference of the Ebola Virus that swept away thousands of lives in the country.

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