NPA New Managing Director Insists, Wants Celia Cuffy-Brown Audited

Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA) Bill Twehway

The newly appointed Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA)  Bill Twehway is calling for the immediate audit of Madam Celia Cuffy-Brown, Deputy Managing Director for Administration who served as acting Managing Director for several months prior to his appointment at the entity in order to know what is actually in the coffer of the entity.

This request, according to our source at the NPA  was allegedly resisted by Mrs. Cuffy-Brown, this, our source said created some administrative  crisis between both individuals, but a source at the office of Mrs. Cuffy-Brown refuted the information, and said she has agreed to be audited from the time she took over few months ago.

At the same time, information gathered from the NPA has indicated that Mr. Franklin W. Sarkor who was appointed by Madam Cuffy-Brown as Comptroller of the NAP has reportedly refused to take orders from Twehway, this, our source said has angered the new Managing Director to Threatened him with dismissal for his refusal to take orders from the MD, rather Madam Cuffy-Brown.

When she took over in March of this year, 2018, Madam Cuffy-Brown immediately brought on Sarkoh as the new Comptroller along with an Internal Audit Department manager all though the department currently had a manager and other qualified auditors.

Sarkoh had previously worked at the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Company in the Human Resources Department and before that for a small school in Logan Town called St. Matthews as Business Manager. Sarkoh is a graduate of the Cuttington Graduate School and had no prior professional accounting or finance certification and no evidence of such experience at the time of his ascension.

Madam Cuffy-Brown faced mounting criticisms amid accusations that she was undertaking a number of unauthorized actions that increased the authority’s payroll by nearly 50% without due regard for the revenue shortfall the port is currently experiencing.

Efforts by our staff to get Madam Cuffy-Brown on the phone for clarity did not succeed, as she was always declining to answer calls, even when our reporter went over to the head office of the NPA to meet her for some clarities, it was noticed that she not ready to be interviewed.

Our investigation continue

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