North Korea shows off ‘monster’ intercontinental ballistic missile at military parade

North Korea shows off ‘monster’ missile at huge military parade | Metro News

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un appeared in a video of a pre-dawn military parade that unveiled what is reportedly one of the largest intercontinental ballistic missiles in the world.

The missile, called a “monster” by Melissa Hanham, the deputy director of the Open Nuclear Network, was shown at the end of a massive military parade in the capital city of Pyongyang to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the ruling Workers’ Party.

A senior U.S. official called the display of military might “disappointing” after several years of what has been the development of relations between North Korea and South Korea, according to Reuters reporter Josh Smith.

“It is disappointing to see the DPRK continuing to prioritize its prohibited nuclear and ballistic missile program over working towards a brighter future for the North Korean people,” the official said.

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