No Thesis, No Graduation For Students At Amos Sawyer College, As College Introduces Mandatory  Thesis for Students

The Amos C. Sawyer College of Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Liberia on Friday, September 8, 2023 held a One-day Seminar about Research Methods and Thesis Development. The five-hour academic activities took place at the Thelma E. Duncan Sawyer Faculty Lounge, Ground Floor of the Academic Complex, UL Fendall Campus.

The purpose of Friday’s session was about information sharing and brainstorming among the academic team, faculty and the leadership of Amos C. Sawyer College to  enhance  research methods teaching and the enforcement of thesis across the college.

It is  mandatory that no student graduate from Amos C. Sawyer College without submitting and defending his or her thesis, Research Project or Practical Research in front of a Seven-member academic jury.

The facilitators of Friday’s session include Associate Prof. Dr. Josephus M. Gray, Dean of the College; Assistant Prof. Dr. Tanya A. Garnett, Associate Dean of Sawyer College and Director of IBB Graduate Program; Assistant Professor Dr. Kula Thompson-Williams, Chair, Department of English and Language Studies; Assistant Professor Dr. Nathaniel Gbessagee, Faculty, Department of English; Cllr. Mark Bedo Wla Freeman, Assistant Professor and Faculty, Department of English and Prof. Dr. D. Elliott Wreh-Wilson, Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies.

After the presentations by the facilitators, the session was opened for general discussion, information sharing and brainstorming among the participants.

    Meanehile, the College has been successful in integrating research in all the degree granting departments, as a major requirement for completion. At Sawyer College, faculties pursue a full range of research interests related to their own academic disciplines.

The college has harmonized the various academic departments’ curricula and introduced standardized research methodology course across the college. Students who successfully passed the research course are advanced for senior thesis writing or undertake a senior project as a special requirement to fulfill a-year Baccalaureate Degree Requirements to earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree.

Sawyer College has a proud history of providing courses that help communities to grow and flourish, this focus on combining practical knowledge with quality learning and teaching.

The College remains driven by its commitment to societies and is dedicated to providing quality programs and degrees in a flexible and supportive environment.

The college offers degrees in 13 disciplines and runs certificate and diploma programs in Public Relations, Journalism, GIS, Statistics, Chinese Language, and Performing Arts.

Meanwhile, two  committees have been constituted to draw out plans for the establishment of a MA degree  programs in Mass Commumication and Professional Writing, and Sociology.

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