‘No External or Internal Threat to Remove Speaker Chambers’ – Office Clarifies

Dr. Bhofal Chambers

Contrary to news about rift at the Capitol Building affecting the stewardship of Dr. Bhofal Chambers, Speaker of the House of Representatives, it has been articulated in Monrovia that the sanctity of the leadership of the House of Representatives is in tight and faces no external or internal removal  hullabaloo.

The Office of Speaker Chambers has been quoted as saying, that the leadership and members of the House of Representatives still have an explicit confidence in the stewardship and ability of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, Representative District #-2 Pleebo Sodoken , Maryland County.

According to Speaker Chambers’ Political Affairs Officer Mr. George D. Watkins, developments surrounding what has been reported in some news outlets in Monrovia about plans to remove or impeach the Speaker are being respected as a normal legislative characteristics bent on tolerating dissenting views amongst Lawmakers.

Mr. Watkins divulged that Speaker Chambers has preferred round table engagements with his colleagues to satisfy their dissents and intents to resolve their contending points geared to foster unity between and amongst his colleagues, especially those agitating on some genuine legislative matters.

“We believe that some of the issues proffered by some colleagues of the Speaker are not the real case. The Speaker envisages with good intentions to clearly articulate or communicate with Colleague members in the House of Representatives to resolve their dissents and look forward to the challenges of the third sitting of the House of Representatives in 2020.” Mr. Watkins intoned.

Commenting further, Speaker Chambers Political Affairs Officer says some of those counts mentioned by agitating colleagues of the Speaker are still in legislative progressions. Mr. Watkins asserts that, upon Lawmakers return from the annual break, some of the issues that they are relating to could be finally nailed properly in the context of legislative rudiments and the interest and sanctity of the State.

About the issues of Speaker Chambers and Deputy Speaker Prince Moye on account of salary deduction as a national policy, the Speaker’s Office frown on the Liberian Media for not exhausting sufficiently  the theory of news gathering and reporting, but says, they have issued a statement since the 10th of October referencing some paragraphs  as stated below:

“As regards concerns raised by few members of the House of Representatives on the issues of remuneration at the Capitol Building, following the passage of the 2019/2020 Fiscal Budget, the Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, wishes to clarify that it remains committed to earlier agreement with the Executive Branch on salary harmonization across Government.”

“Therefore, the Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, and Deputy Speaker, Hon. Prince Moye, hereby make it unequivocally clear that they have already, as of the passage of the budget, made individual cuts in their respective compensation lines by 31.9% and 35.6%.”

“Speaker Chambers’ Office did receive US$1,221, 123 in the last Fiscal Year 2018/2019 and was reduced to US$1,043, 265 for this current budget period, whilst Deputy Speaker received US$766,381 last Fiscal Year 2018/2019 and was reduced to US$722,942 for the current budget period.”

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