Nimba Student Center Project On Course

Blueprint for the Nimba Student Center in Careysburg

The Nimba Association of Massachusetts (NAM) is calling on Nimbaians and other Liberians home and abroad to support its ongoing Nimba Student Center project.

NAM is an organization of citizens from Nimba County in Liberia, residing in Massachusetts State, US.

Located in Walker Town, Careysburg, the center will initially host two dormitories-one for males and other for females-a library and others including an outside kitchen and a generator house. Each of the dormitories is expected to accommodate approximately 144 students at a time.

NAM’s National Coordinator, Mr. Fredrick P. W. Gaye, wants Nimbaians, irrespective of tribe or religion, the government, philanthropic organizations and individuals to support the project if some of the difficulties students face in attending Fendell must be addressed.

“Let us overwhelmingly embrace this project that our brothers and sisters in the United States have initiated. It is not only about Nimba; the library and other services at the center will be accessible to the public,” he asserts.

According to him, the center is intended to host Nimba students that are attending and expected to attend the University of Liberia (UL) Fendell Campus, outside the capital Monrovia.

Mr. Gaye says the Association, with the cooperation of Nimba Student Community, Nimba Kwado leadership and other citizens of the county and Liberia at large, has begun mobilization and plans leading to the ground-breaking and fund-raising program for the project on November 3, 2018.

He explains that site preparations are ongoing on the 1.5 acre of land secured for the project while negotiations are being concluded with the contractor, City Design Architecture & Construction Company (CIDACCO), to begin the profile layout before the official start of the project. CIDACCO is a local construction company of young people from across Liberia.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gaye is appealing to all citizens of Nimba and Liberia at large to join efforts in making the project is a success. He also calls on them to attend the ground-breaking and fund-raising program on November 3, 2018, in Walker Town, Careysburg. “We are appealing to Liberians to attend and support because it is difficult to extend invitations to all,” he adds.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gaye has disclosed that the President of the Association, Mr. Paul D. Gailah and some executives are expected to grace the occasion.

Speaking recently via mobile phone from the United States, Mr. Gailah explained that the Association decided to build the center as its initial project aimed at addressing the difficulty Nimba students face while commuting to and fro Fendell Campus.

“Besides paying high rental fees, some of the students live in central Monrovia and other areas far from Fendell. These conditions are not good for the students and we think this student center is necessary,” he pointed out.

Mr. Gailah has described the project as historic and called on citizens of Nimba and other Liberians to join in making it a success.

According to him, the project is about but Nimba and Liberia at large, adding that the Association needs the contribution of all citizens. “Beneficiaries will contribute to Liberia and the library will also assist other Liberians,” Mr. Gailah maintained.

The Association held a fundraising luncheon for the project in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, on July 14, 2018, bringing together many personalities, organizations and others that have been embracing the idea by contributing.

NAM was established 2011 in the USA, and registered in Liberia in 2015.  Among other things, NAM was established to assist Nimbaians, other Liberians in the USA and back home, with its motto: “Serving our community, Nimba & Liberia”.

The Association can be reached by: USA: +150896355299, Liberia +231777083584 /+231880650176, or


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