Nimba County Disabled Coordinator Urges Peers to Seize Every Opportunity

By Melvin L. Suah, Journalists Network On Disability Reporting |

The President of the Nimba County Disabled Association, Abestine Tozay is urging fellow individuals with disabilities to seize every available opportunity for personal and professional advancement. His impassioned plea comes amidst ongoing efforts to empower the disabled community and promote inclusivity across the county.

Speaking recently to a cross-section of members of the Nimba Disabled Association in Sanniquellie at a special retreat organized, Mr. Tozay emphasized the importance for members of the PwD community to proactively seek out opportunities for education, skills development, and participation in community initiatives. Drawing from his own experiences as a disability advocate, he highlighted the transformative power of seizing opportunities to overcome challenges and achieve personal goals.

“Each one of us has unique talents and abilities that deserve to be recognized and nurtured. Regardless of the obstacles we may face, it is essential to remain resilient and make the most of every opportunity that comes our way”, Abestine Tozay underscored to his colleagues.

Mr. Tozay encouraged his audience to actively engage with government programs, civil society initiatives, and educational institutions that offer support and resources for people with disabilities. He stressed the importance of advocating for equal access to opportunities and breaking down barriers that hinder the full participation of disabled individuals in society.

“By harnessing our collective strength and determination, we can create a more inclusive and equitable community where everyone has the chance to thrive,” Mr.  Tozay affirmed.

His emotional call to action resonated deeply with attendees, many of whom expressed gratitude for his leadership and commitment to advancing the rights of people with disabilities in Nimba County. “We are inspired by Mr. Tozay’s message of hope and empowerment.  His words remind us that we have the power to shape our destinies and contribute meaningfully to our society,” remarked Sarah Dahn, a member of the disabled community.

Meanwhile, in a significant step towards bolstering support and representation for individuals with disabilities in Nimba County, the Nimba County Disabled Association (NCDA) has announced the launch of a pioneering membership scheme. This initiative aims to strengthen solidarity within the disabled community while enhancing advocacy efforts and fostering inclusive development initiatives across the region.

The membership scheme, unveiled during a special retreat in Sanniquellie, offers disabled individuals the opportunity to formally join the NCDA and actively participate in its programs and activities. Members will benefit from a range of services, including access to training workshops, advocacy campaigns, and networking opportunities tailored to their specific needs and interests.

“This membership scheme marks a new chapter in our efforts to empower and uplift the disabled community in Nimba County. By uniting as members of the association, we can amplify our voices, advocate for our rights, and drive positive change in our communities,” stated Abestine Tozay, chairperson of the NCDA.

According to Mr. Tozay, key components of the membership scheme will include members having access to information, resources, and support services designed to address the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities, including educational opportunities, healthcare assistance, and livelihood support programs.

He said the NCDA will continue to serve as a platform for members to collectively advocate for disability rights, inclusion, and accessibility in Nimba County. Through coordinated advocacy campaigns and engagement with policymakers, members will work towards dismantling barriers and promoting equal opportunities for all.

The launch of the membership scheme has generated excitement and enthusiasm within the disabled community, with many individuals expressing eagerness to become active participants in the NCDA’s initiatives.  “I am thrilled to join the NCDA as a member and be part of a collective effort to create positive change for people with disabilities in Nimba County,” remarked Samuel Dolo, a disabled resident of Ganta.

As the NCDA’s membership continues to grow, stakeholders remain optimistic about the association’s potential to drive meaningful impact and foster greater unity and empowerment among individuals with disabilities in Nimba County.

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