Nigerian Musical Group Eyes Setting Up In Liberia

Chief Executive Officer of Don Sylvester Records, Nweka Chinedu

Nigerian-owned Don Sylvester Records has started negotiations with authorities of the Department of Tourism at the Ministry of Information to establish a music school and studio in Liberia to help empower the youth to contribute to the emerging local entertainment industry.

Speaking on Wednesday during a press conference at the Ministry of Information, the Chief Executive Officer of Don Sylvester Records, Nweka Chinedu, said the company expects to build a state-of-the-art music studio and school in Liberia once paper works with the government are concluded.

In an engagement with the Assistant Tourism Minister, Princess Turkolon, on Wednesday, Chinedu said that the idea of venturing into the Liberian music industry was broached by one Emuba Smith, a Liberia musician who has been working with the group for many years in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Minister Turkolon told executives of the record label that the government is making strives to develop the tourism sector, and has begun taking actions to make the artistic industry vibrant and enviable coupled with other relevant activities that will take the country to the next level.

Entertainment is also one of the tools through which a country profile and image can be sold to the world to attract tourists thereby upping the government’s revenue generation base, Assistant Minister Turkolon indicated.

She further noted that there are millions of musicians around the world seeking adventure, and with proper planning and development of the industry in Liberia, the country is bound to make significant breakthrough in the arts and culture.

The tourism department, she said, is going to remain committed in working with the Don Sylvester Records in order to see the music of the country thrive.

Meanwhile, talks between Don Sylvester Records and the Tourism Department continue.


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