NIGERIA: Man Ends 2-Year Relationship With Girlfriend For Acting As A Witch In School

In a shocking turn of events, a Nigerian man has ended his relationship with his girlfriend, citing her participation in a school drama as the reason for their split. According to Adediwura, the former girlfriend, she was part of a school drama staged to mark the Yoruba Awareness Day in her department.

Her boyfriend, however, was left reeling after she took on the role of a witch, a character he reportedly found unbearable. The couple’s relationship came to an abrupt end when Adediwura’s boyfriend sent her a stern message via WhatsApp, telling her to “go her way” and stating that he was no longer interested in the relationship. The message was met with pleas from Adediwura to forgive her, but her boyfriend remained resolute.

The drama has left many in shock, with some questioning the severity of the man’s reaction to his girlfriend’s acting role. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the power of relationships and the importance of communication in resolving conflicts. Details of the couple’s breakup have been circulating on social media, with many taking to their platforms to express their shock and disbelief at the news.

The incident has also sparked a lively debate about what constitutes a deal-breaker in relationships and whether it’s acceptable to end a relationship over something as trivial as a school drama role. The future remains uncertain for the couple, but one thing is clear – their love has been turned sour by a disagreement over a dramatic role.

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