News Of ‘Secret Recruitment’ Of Young Men In Monrovia Sounds Scaring

Flash Back: Nigerian soldiers clearing Boko Haram camps in Borno State. The government has contracted private security companies to help. EPA/Stringer

Information gathered by the GNN has alleged that currently there are series of recruitment taken place in Monrovia and its environs aimed are training young man to be used as ‘Extra Combat Force’ around the city in case of any eventualities or any planned protest that would make the Liberian government ungovernable during the upcoming holiday seasons.

According to GNN source, dozens of young Liberians have reportedly agreed to be a part of this exercise, noting that if the training which will allegedly be conducted by some ex-rebels from various former armed factions completed, their assignments will be to monitor individuals around the country who may have sinister motive against the works of the government.

GNN sources also hinted that dozens of young men and women have been tipped to be used as informants during the lifespan of this reported new ‘Extra Combat Force’, indicating that any information that will not be in the interest of the state and also will have propensity to cause chaos and destruction will be tracked by these reportedly newly recruited men and women.

Some experts in the security sector who spoke to the GNN said this latest development if confirmed will remind Liberians of the William V.S. Tubman era when individuals were hired as ‘Informants’, those who were clothed with the authority to arrest individuals who were not in the interest of the power that be at that time; the individuals were also called ‘PROs’

“I want to believe Mr. Weah is doing all in his power to shut up those who will not be in his interest; I mean his critics, if this information is truth,” one of the security experts who spoke to the GNN noted.

Effort by our staff to contact both the National Security Agency (NSA), the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the Ministry of Defense to ascertain the actual facts on the alleged recruitment of individuals in the city to form part of another security network by the Liberian government did not materialize.

Investigation continues

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