New Liberia Party Wants Gov’t Takes Corrective Measures To Safeguard Country’s Resources

NLP Executive Richard Hoff

“The fight against corruption and wasteful spending cannot be fought by the government alone; the government must be willing to listen to the people and take corrective measures were they are needed to safeguard the country’s resources” NLP Executive Richard Hoff.

The Acting Chairman of the New Liberia Party (NLP) Richard Hoff has called on government of Liberia to take what his party termed as correction measures to safeguard the country resources.

Mr. Hoff’s statement was contained in a press statement released by the party last week following President George Weah’s meeting with members of opposition political parties held at Balla Cassa.

The NLP Acting Chairman, in a statement said, the government must put in place or improve on appropriate existing system that enhances accountability and transparency in applying or borrowing money for any project across the country, making specific reference to the ETON and EBOMAF Loan.

“The government must put in place or improve on appropriate existing system or structure that spell out accountability and transparency in using or borrowing money for any project across the country as in the case of the ETON and EBOMAF Loan”, the statement is quoted as saying.

The NLP executive said, there is no doubt that the, fight against corruption and nation building can claim little or no legitimacy when inputs by political parties, civil society, the media and anti-graft organizations are manipulated or downplay by the government, adding, “working with a new and young government that requires extensive support, time and commitment is a fascinating experience for political parties”.

According to him, the fight against corruption and wasteful spending cannot be fought by the government alone. He described the government’s decision to meet with oppositions as timely, noting, a governing culture that does not shield or tolerate corruption and corrupt officials in this established democratic system seems to show that the government is exerting every effort on its pledge to fight corruption.

Mr. Hoff asserted that achieving transparency is not quick fix operations in any corrupt and poverty stricken society. Such stride, he said must reflect a holistic and well founded systematic intervention that has the ability to track and expose those fundamental discrepancies and challenges within the government, referencing implementation of the committee’s report on the NOCAL situation.

“The Fight against corruption is not just about accountability and transparency; it is also about job creation, access to education, providing equal opportunity for growth in the economy sector, opening up the market, investing in Liberian own businesses, providing SMEs to Liberians, responding to sustainable, cheap and affordable basic social needs of the people, build the roads and airports not with cheap materials but durable and lasting materials and last of all protect whistle blowers; shield those fighting corruption from corrupt officials”, the statement is further quoted as saying.

The Acting Head of NLP attributed the increase in corruption to impunity and shielding of friends and relatives who are involved in corruption by the power that be.

He concluded by saying that, cases of corruption with sufficient proofs must never be compromised as a result of political machination.

“We are watching, we are listing and most of all we are here to support the nation building process”. Hoff noted.

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