Nearly Two-Decade of Investment, ArcelorMittal’s  Community Inspiration, a Pillar of Sustained Growth

Chief Executive officer for ArcelorMittal Liberia Jozephus Coenen

In 2006, ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) was the first and single largest private investor in the country since the civil wars.

The company’s commitment to Liberia led the way in demonstrating the viability of a prosperous business in Liberia.

Since then, AML has established itself as an integral partner of community development ranging from healthcare, education, and infrastructure compared to any other concession.

These development initiatives in many instances are not a part of the company’s commitments and obligations under the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) signed with the government of Liberia.

From building schools, hospitals and rehabilitating community roads, the counties that host ArcelorMittal’s mining and logistical operations have seen several fully funded projected get dedicated to their benefit.

In April 2023, ArcelorMittal and authorities in Grand Bassa County dedicated four newly completed development projects funded through the Community Development Fund (CDF) proposed by the company and implemented by local contractors.

The CDF is 20% of the company’s County Social Development Fund (CSDF) contribution, withheld for direct development initiatives in the mining communities of impact.

Worth more than US$288,000, the four projects recently dedicated in Bassa are part of seven CDF projects funded completely by AML in Grand Bassa.

They are the Siahn Public School construction, located in Siahn Town, near kilometer 31; Gorblee School Fencing project, in Compound #3 near kilometer 45; the FDA Market Construction, at FDA Junction near kilometer 58, and the Duwein Market construction project, located in Duwein, near kilometer 68. They were implemented by Liberian contractors that were independently vetted.

In Nimba county, ArcelorMittal is undertaking one of its major community development initiatives.

The company is funding the construction of the asphalt pavement of Ganta-Yekepa Highway at the cost of $45 million. Today, and for the first time, paved road has reached the historic city of Sanniquellie in the north of Liberia.

Many residents in the county have even began suggesting that road when completed be “The ArcelorMittal Highway” in several interviews with local reporters.

This road construction in Nimba Cunty is in addition to the several miles of roads community roads the company rehabilitates yearly and commitment to hospitals, schools, and scholarships locally and internationally.

Earlier this year, AML constructed three playgrounds in Grand Bassa, Nimba and Bong Counties outside of all its commitments duly recognized under its mineral development agreement.

Children in Zowenta, Frank Diggs Town, and Yekepa can use the playgrounds for physical benefits like improved flexibility and balance, development of overall motor skills, agility, and hand-eye coordination and even opportunities to learn how to control their movement.

Another critical another critical area of local community empowerment is the leveraging of its railway ties that the company is using to assist local vendors to enhance their capacity to supply the ties that go into the railway.

The provision of services and products that are fostering the company’s operations by local vendors speak to greater impact on the economy, for the people of Liberia.

And, AML has herself renewed this commitment by proposing and expansion plan in its third mineral development program.

When approved, this will pave the way for the company to increase taxes, and royalties to the government as well as increase job creation which will positively affected standard of living.

Annual social development funds to Bong, Bassa, Nimba counties will increase to deliver more projects and social services to the host communities.

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