Naymote Welcomes U.S. Government Human Rights Report 2020

Eddie D. Jarwolo, Executive Director Naymote

Naymote Partners for Democratic Development is deeply worried about statements from Congressman Christ Smith on the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act linking Liberian government officials to political corruption and a U.S. Embassy’s response to an inquiry to Frontpage Africa through its Public Affairs Officer Michael Ardaiolo in which it states that Liberians in government are being designated as corrupt actors by the U.S. State Department and U.S. Treasury Department which was published in the March 29, 2021 edition of the Frontpage Africa and the recent U.S. State Department  2020 Human Rights Report.

These statements and allegations have indicted the country and have the propensity to undermine the country’s governance process, place the country in a difficult position to attract foreign direct support, investment opportunities and assistance from the United States Government towards public sector development in support of the pro poor agenda.

Liberia as a beneficiary of U.S. Government assistance and considering that the Americans are committed to placing human rights as the center of their foreign policy and cherished democratic values and principles, the George Weah led government should commit and support strong actions to improve human rights standards, adherence to the rule of law, promote political accountability, reforming the criminal justice system to be more responsive, defend democracy, and fight corruption, etc.

Eddie Jarwolo, Executive Director of the Naymote Partners for Democratic Development, said the United States Annual Human Rights report for the past years has indicted Liberia and urgent actions are required to address the situation. He said it is only through democracy that societies can build social trust that enables them to persevere in a crisis, maintain national resilience in the face of hardship, heal deep societal divisions through inclusive participation and dialogue, retain confidence that sacrifice will be shared, and the rights of all citizens respected.

Mr. Jarwolo said his institution welcomes the statement from the U.S. Embassy that Liberians in government are designated as corrupt actors by the U.S. State Department and U.S. Treasury Department and calls for due process and sanctions. He also calls on the U.S. Government and international partners to support and commit to the establishment of a war and economic crimes court in Liberia which will address human rights abuse and economic crimes in the country.

The Naymote Executive Director is challenging Liberian voters to hold elected officials accountable, vote out of office, incumbents who are indicted as corrupt and human rights abusers while encouraging them to promote electoral and political accountability.

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