Naymote Opts For Voters’ Roll Awareness, For Credible Midterm Senatorial Election

NAYMOTE Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo

Naymote, an advocacy group in partnership with the Elections Coordinating Committee, says the credibility of any election rests on the voters’ registration process.

Speaking on a local radio station in Monrovia, the Executive Director of Naymote, Partners for Democratic Development, Mr. Eddie Jarwolo, said the entire electoral process will be a major challenge when it comes to the issue of voters’ registration process, adding, “Up to now we don’t have a better system that have been accredited,” Mr. Jarwolo speaking further on OK FM yesterday, July 28, 2020 said.

He reminded that the Constitution of Liberia requires that every Liberian who is 18 years old or above  shall have the right to register to vote and observe that  up to now, with less than six months to the Midterm Senatorial election, the update of the voters’ roll is still a serious problem.

He said everything about election has to do with the legal framework as stated in Articles 77 to 83 of the Liberian Constitution, the Code of Conduct as well as the electoral laws and this is because there will always be legal issues.

“If the system is not cleared, like the problem we had in the 2017 elections wherein people went to cast their votes, yet their names were not on the lists, similar issues will be experienced thereby denying people their right to make a decision,” Jarwolo said.

The Naymote boss stated that the voter’s registration process is so expensive  because it requires a lot of investments adding that elections are expensive and attracts technical capacity which are major ingredient for a credible and good election.

“As we remember in 2017, people went to vote . but their namres were not on the list. Supreme Court mandated the Elections Commission to clean that list up to now we are not show if that list has been cleaned,” Jarwolo recounted.

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