Naymote Condemns Arson Attacks Call for Political Tolerance

NAYMOTE Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo

Liberia’s premier democracy advancement institution, Naymote Partners for Democratic Development strongly condemned the arson attacks (petrol bombs) on the National Elections Commission (NEC) and home of Associate Justice Joseph Nagbe by unknown men.

The institution is calling on all political leaders, and Liberians to be conflict sensitive, respect the rule of law to promote peace and prevent violence. The recent wave of throwing petrol bombs is dangerous and worrisome especially in a post conflict society and has the propensity to undermine the democratic process, peace, and the gain the country has made over the years.

The institution is imploring the National Elections Commission, (NEC) and the Supreme Court of Liberia to maintain independence, be impartial and conflict sensitive in dealing with electoral matters as otherwise could undermine the integrity of the democratic processes.

The institution’s Executive Director, Eddie Jarwolo is calling for a political tolerance society. He said democracy is a fundamental value in any society while most of the people rule; the rights of the minority should be protected. He said people who are not in power should be allowed to organize and speak out on critical national issues and individual citizens must learn to be tolerant of each other. He said the ingredient of peace should be adherence to the rule of law, accountability, regular, free, and fair elections, and citizens participation in democratic processes reminding Liberians of the unpleasant past where thousands got killed and properties destroyed due to exclusion, inequality, and fraudulent elections.

Eddie is calling on ECOWAS and international partners to seriously monitor political development in Liberia and condemn the recent threat of petrol bombs throwing at the National Elections Commission and at the Associate Justice Nagbe’s home.

The institution is calling for an urgent and impartial investigation by the Liberian National Police and perpetrators should be brought to justice.

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