Nayaborqua Oldpa Yeazeahn Alias Prophet Key Arrested Today In Monrovia

Recently Liberia’s Culture Ambassador, Mrs. Juli Endee, filed a US$5 million lawsuit against Mr. Nayaborqua Oldpa Yeazeahn alias Prophet Key in an Action Of Damages For Slander And Libel at the Civil Law Court in Monrovia, he was arrested upon arrival at the Monrovia and briefly detained

Madam Endee wants the court to adjudge Prophet Key liable to her for damages in the amount not less than US$5,000,000.00 (Five Million United States Dollars) for General Damages to be decided by the trial jury, and US$300,000.00 in Punitive Damages and US$250,000.00 for successful attorney fees, for the following factual and legal reasons.

Madam Endee says she is a law-abiding and eminent Liberian citizen who has meaningfully contributed to the societal, cultural growth, and national development of the Republic of Liberia through the promotion of peace and has received both national and international laurels.

She informed the court that Prophet Key, believed to be a Liberian who currently resides in the Arab Kingdom of Morocco and operates a talk-show on several social media outlets such as Facebook, TikTok, and others, with the name of the talk-show “PROPHET KEY SHOW,” which is merely intended to blackmail, ignominy, denigrate, and besmear the high-earned reputations of some prominent Liberian citizens.

She explained that in December 2023, in two of his video podcasts published on social media, he willfully, intentionally, and purposely engaged in a slanderous and libelous campaign to harm and defame, embarrass, and humiliate her.

Madam Endee added that Prophet Key did not just make defamatory and derogatory statements against her person, but labeled her as “an indecent person” who is engaged in inappropriate relationships with high-profile personalities, namely former President Charles Ghangay-Taylor, current President George Manneh Weah, and currently attempting to engage in an appropriate relationship with the current Secretary-General of the Unity Party, Mr. Amos Tweh, for the purpose of securing a position in the incoming Government of President-elect, Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai.

Madam Endee, in her lawsuit, presented video podcasts (recordings) and pictorial evidence to form a cogent and integral part of her complaint.


The Liberian Culture Ambassador avers that upon hearing from family relatives, friends, local and international partners, and by her personal viewing of the video podcasts published by Prophet Key on his social media platforms, she has made frantic efforts by communicating with the Minister of Justice, Cllr. Frank-Musa Dean, Jr., Minister of Justice & Attorney-General of the Republic of Liberia, to include the United Nations Resident Coordinator to Liberia, the delegation of the European Union in Liberia, the Embassy of the United States of America near Monrovia, the Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL), Press Union of Liberia, the Unity Party, and other government ministries and agencies about the constant attack against her integrity and high-earned reputation, which Prophet Key has intentionally, purposely, willfully, and knowingly published on social media and other internet platforms.

Madam Endee, meanwhile, added that the content of the video podcasts contains unsubstantiated and unfounded accusations in which Prophet Key alleged that she has discouraged people from voting for Boakai during the 2023 General and Presidential Elections.

Prophet Key, in his podcast, also accused Madam Endee of threatening her employees to influence their voting choices and labeled her as an “enemy of the incoming Government,” which he purportedly claimed that partisans of the Unity Party had complained to him.

Madam Endee asserted that it is evident in the video podcasts that Prophet Key was seen pleading with the incoming leadership of Boakai to disallow Madam Endee from partaking in the new government upon taking office in January 2024, and Prophet Key further threatened that it is his wish and desire that the leadership of President George Manneh Weah will be the last government that Madam Endee should ever work in as an official of government or culture ambassador.

According to her, the primary objective of Prophet Key’s’s action was to defame and embarrass and injure the reputational integrity of her, which Prophet Key has achieved because up to the time of the filing of this complaint, Prophet Key is still engaged in carrying out these slanderous statements on social media and other internet platforms against her person.

She noted Prophet Key  continues to use his social media platform to defame and damage her character, both nationally and internationally, and information from these social platforms is regularly being viewed by followers on these social networks, which is visible throughout the world.

“Because of these publications by Prophet Key, I have received telephone calls from friends, families, and loved ones worldwide about how denigrating and defaming the video podcasts are to my reputation and integrity,” she said.

This situation, she said, has placed her in severe embarrassment, mental unrest, and imbalance. Hence, Madam Endee said that the action of damages for slander and libel will lie against Prophet Key.

She lamented the willful and calculated acts of Prophet Key to subject the good and untainted reputations of her, without any legal justification, intended to expose her to danger and harm in the public that she has been engaged in the act of inappropriate relationships with high-profile politicians.

“This act of the defendant is wrongful, and the action of damages for wrong for libel and slander will lie against the defendant. Prophet Key’s continuous act to defame my reputation on national radio stations, print media, and other intellectual forums does not only damage and taint the importance of the me but has clouded and subjected me to unwarranted national and international insecurity, hence, the action of damages for slander and libel will lie against him, under the circumstances,” Ambassador Endee told the court.

However, the accused who was placed on prisoner’s bench for hours was later billed out awaiting further court trial.

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