Nancy B. Doe Speaks To GNN, Complains Rep. Zoe Pennue To ‘God’, Says He’s Brutal, But Rep Pennue Remains Tight-lipped

Mrs. Nancy B. Doe

Speaking exclusively to the GNN today Sunday, October 4, 2020 via mobile phone, the former First Lady of Liberia, Nancy B. Doe, the wife of slain Liberian leader, President Samuel Kanyon Doe in a rather frustrated tune said she is seeking God’s intervention over what is taken place between Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue and her family.

Confirming the press statement issued to the media on October 3, 2020, Mrs. Doe said she was compelled to release the statement due to Representative Pennue’s continues threat that he will inform President Weah that she (Mrs. Doe) has bad motive towards his government if she refuses to support his Senatorial bid in December 8, 2020.

Mrs. Doe further explaining to the GNN via mobile phone, also alleged that Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue informed her that due to his contact with the CDC-led government, he will use his connection by making sure that the Weah’s led government will not pay her a cent if continue to be adamant in pledging support to him to win the senatorial bid.

“Zoe Pennue’s threats to me and my family is very serious, I am not leaving this undone, he supposed to be my son, but his ‘witchcraft’ behaviors towards me and my family is worrisome”, Mrs. Doe speaking to the GNN alarmed, noting this is serious, calling on President Weah to know who Zoe Pennue is.

Explaining further, Mrs. Doe also alleged how Representative Zoe Pennue reportedly stole important documents from her regarding her wealth and her children’s, adding, “This boy is demonic and cruel, I want President Weah to know I have no bad heart for him, Zoe Pennue want to create enemy between President Weah and my family”, Mrs. Doe tearfully told the GNN via mobile phone.

When our staff asked Mrs. Doe, as to why Representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue is behaving the way he is behaving, Mrs. Doe said, “This boy just believe in demonic activities, and want to destroy me and family in order to take control of all of the properties that my husband, the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe left behind,” Mrs. Doe said.

Concluding, Mrs. Doe said, “I leave Zoe Pennue with God, and I have called on our people not to vote for him the pending midterm December 8 senatorial elections; he is not a good person’” Mrs. Doe urged all her kinsmen of Grand Gedeh County.

Following this interview with Mrs. Doe, our staff immediately placed in several calls again making sure to hear the reaction of the Grand Gedeh District #2 Representative, Zoe Emmanuel Pennue but to no avail, our staff also drove to the Matadi Estate residence of the Grand Gedeh County Representative again the trip made was fruitless as no one could be reached or spoken to.

Our investigation continues

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