Mysterious Disappearances, Secret Killings In Liberia Scaring, As The Latest Victim Explains Her Nightmare

Liberia nowadays has become a place where people’s lives are taken easily without proper punishment melted against perpetrators if they are ever found in the commission of the crime, a situation that is scaring all Liberians.

Few days ago the Liberia Human Rights Commission released a statement which catalogued the number of mysterious disappearances, and the killings of innocent citizens under the CDC-led government of President George Manneh Weah with nothing being heard from the authority.

Recently a lady, name withheld life was speared by her alleged murderers due to her menstrual cycle,, while other innocent women were being murdered and their human parts taking away by the murderers apparently  for ritualistic purposes.

The lady speaking on a local radio station in Monrovia, explained her ordeal, said she got on a motorbike on her way home with two men, while riding on the bike the other man who sat behind her used a magical white handkerchiefs in her face which automatically made her to fall asleep.

She said when this happened, she never knew herself until they got to an unfinished building far off from the city limit, when they got to this place, she said she later realized that she was amongst other women whose faces were tired with red clothe, while others in another room in the same building were crying as they were been butchered with their private parts taken.

The lady further explaining her ordeal, also said few minutes later, the head of these murderers asked those who carried her there to bring her in, when they did, it was later discovered that the lady was on her menstrual cycle, this made the head to alarm, saying, “This chicken is unclean, take it away,” he shouted in a rather laud voice, the lady explaining her ordeal said.

This lady, may be amongst several victims whose whereabouts are still unknown, while others are murdered in cold blood by their murderers. This current situation in Liberia is scaring, nothing is been said by the Liberian Government.

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