Mysterious Death Of Class Room Teacher In Pinicess Gives Rise To Young People To Demand Justice

By: Emmanuel S. Koffa| GNN Correspondent | Grand Kru County |

Young people of Grand Kru Demanding justice

Following the mysterious death of a classroom teacher and Catechist, Joseph Senyon Nyanplu, of the St. Jude Catholic Church of Picnicess, Chanakaleh on June 30th along the beach on a rock near the Atlantic Ocean, where he had gone to fish has given rise for the young people in that part of Grand Kru County to peacefully demonstrate in demand of justice.

According to our Correspondent in the County quoting the demonstrators as saying their action is aimed at publicly drawing the attention of authorities in the County, in order to bring to justice those who have committed this heinous, and barbaric act, and also to put an end to such, adding that their move in the County is peaceful.

Presenting the position statement on behave of the eight Communities of Picnicess, Alphonso Nyenmoh, called on the county authority to bring what they called “country- doctor” Temba to clean Picnicess of  mysterious deaths that seems as devalued human lives given, demonstrators put the number of persons mysteriously killed at forty, and further stressed that such acts are totally and bitterly unacceptable in a strongest term.

Young people of Grand Kru demanding justice

He maintained that, the people of Picnicess are calling on the Internal Affairs Ministry through the office of the county superintend to authorize Tamba, the “country doctor,” to calm down the cruelty acts that dose not only destroy lives, but also undermines peace and development. Mr. Nyenmoh explained that, the situation is causing insecurity in the community, as well as tarnishing the good repetition of Grand Kru County and its officials.

A 54 year old man identified as Joseph Senyoun Nyanplu, a catechist of St. Jude Catholic Parish – Picnicess Chinakale who want missing and mysteriously found death, dead on the 29 of June 2020.

When visited the Picnicess community recently, according to Lawrence Nimely, quarter father of the diseased who was also a class room teacher usually goes fish on the rock along the Atlantic Ocean during the morning hours and return at 3pm.

Quarter father Nimely noted that when a search was conducted the deceased‘s bag and slippers were found on the rock where the deceased sat to fish along the ocean.

The second attempt at searching, the deceased was found between the rocks with the fishing line tied on his feet and quarter father explained.

Coroner jury report had it that, the teacher and catechist Joseph Senyon Nyanplu died a natural death with blood oozing from the back of the head.

For her part in receiving the position statement, Superintendent Doris Jlatun flanked by an array of county officials assured the sons and daughters of Gbeta that, their request will be highly considered. Madam Jlatun give time to consult with the minister of Internal Affairs before this week comes to an end.

Grand Kru County Superintendent Doris Ylatun has expressed grave concern regarding the ugly situation that continues to hunt Picnicess Community and the County as a whole.

Meanwhile, four persons who were part of the more than eight persons who were brought to Barclayville by the  police following the mysterious death of; Joseph Nyanplu were released conditionally Sunday pending count action a source closed to the police indicated.

The more than eight persons have been brought to Barclayville for what the Police termed as persons of interest; they are not suspect but to help with police investigation.

Those brought Barclayville include A. Blamoh Nah, Nah Wesseh, Peter Gipply, Andrew Gbe, Nah Toe, Lawrence Nimely, Sekpeh Nah, Sieh Deboe and Wleh Wilson. Those released on Sunday are Peter Gipply, Andrew Gbe, A.Nah Blamoh and Tuma Gbe Siaka.

A member of the Jury that examined the mortal remains of catechist, Nyanplu and the others were retired on persons of interest not – suspects and they were been brought to asset with police investigations’.

At the same time a son of Picnicess Matthew S. Wisseh is calling on the local County Authority to launch an investigation into the mysterious death of the 54 years old man.

Wisseh also called the County Legislative caucus to collaborate with the County authority to ensure a speedily investigation is launch.

Below is the position statement that was presented to the Grand Kru county Superintendent:

“Honorable superintend, it does not mean that we, the people of Picnicess ignore the measures of put in place of the Liberian Government to drive out the coronavirus, but do not want the alleged Witch Chafts to be brutally murder us continuously while we prevent the virus from catching us. Therefore, madam Superintendent, we the citizens of Picnicess are very tent-up and tired with the daily mysterious deaths and disappearances of human beings in the past and recent years and up to present.

 Madam Superintend, these brutal and barbaric acts are totally and bitterly unacceptable in a strongest team. We are therefore calling on the Internal Affairs Ministry through your HONORABLE office to Authorize and Empower your office to invite Mr. Temba, the country- doctor to the Land of Picnicess to calm down the cruelty acts that dose not only destroy lives but also undermines PEACE and DEVELOPMENT, causing Insecurity in the community as well as Tarnishing the good repetition of our dear county, Grand kru and its officials.

 Madam Superintendent, please see below the short listing of some few of the mysterious deaths and missing; from Sobobo, Togbaklee, Jakakpo, and the Chanakaleh respectively. Most of them are young people who went to fishing on the sea. In recent years passed, we have marked Dugbe Kanwie, Nyanti, Nimely Junior, Karpeh Borue, Nah Bollar, Weah Tanneh, Doe Nyenkan, Koffa Nimely and others.

Madam superintendent, worse of all, our Angers have been increasingly Trigged today from the recent mysterious disappearance of the two young men; Kun Togba and Weah Sampson, who went missing on the Sea in February,2020.

And then in less than about four mouths followed by mysterious death of Joseph Nyanplu whose body was found in pool of blood on the beach of the Atlantic Ocean on Monday, June 29 2020.

 Madam Superintendent, as we observe, this ugly acts one if worrisome also to you and your county officials. It is our sure-hope that in all your might, you will ensure Mr. Tamba’s coming to Picnicess in a soonest possible time by God divine grace.

 We say; “In union strong, success is sure. Long live Grand kru, Liberia and its people.”        

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