My Take On FPA Editorial ‘CPP Must Come Clean’

By: Thomas L.B. Kromah A Concerned Liberian

This writer is taken aback on an editorial published in the August 30, 2021 edition of Rodney Sieh’s Front Page Africa (FPA), entitled: ‘The Collaborating Political Parties Must Come Clean’, in that editorial, the paper with no remorse, personally attacked the status of a Liberian politician, although refusing the name the politician amid the upcoming 2023 general and presidential elections.

The paper’s insinuation that one of the CPP members who is believed to be unclean, and further considered as chief financier and gun-runner who the editorial alleged was dubbed by international press as criminal ring leader pondered many as to the motive behind the paper’s editorial to single out an unnamed member of the CPP.

The mare facts that FPA which should be a credible media outlet did not name the person it is alleging to be ‘Unclean’ is a clear indication that this is an attempt to play on the reputation of someone for political reason. This media outlet needs to be called to book; if this media institution wants to be in politics, let it go into politics, and leave the journalism profession.

It is this writer’s belief, that FPA knows that naming someone without prove will be subjected to legal action, it could be easily sue for liable. Few months in an online news outlet, the Parrot Newspaper published an article naming Rodney Sieh, “Pay to Play”, this writer believes that the author of said article was right.

In order to ascertain the actual facts surrounding the fabricated information featured in the FPA’s Editorial, this writer took up time to professionally research as to which one of the CPP members is being listed by the United Kingdom or the United States governments as war criminal, with the quest of this writer, the information contained in the FPA Editorial has been proven to the contrary.

The paper’s editorial has deliberately left its readers in suspense by not coming out to name this CPP member who tagged and also considered as the United Nations’ “Merchant of death and destruction”, this editorial published in the FPA has left many Liberians to wonder who is this ‘Merchant of Death and Destruction; sitting at the helm of the Collaborating Political Parties all these days without confusion?

The FPA editorial in its bid to negatively bring the unnamed CPP member to public criticism in its bias wisdom named two of the CPP members; Joseph N. Boakai of the Unity party (UP) and Alexander B. Cummings of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) as ‘clean’, while the describing another member of the CPP which it did not name as ‘Unclean’.

The author of this article believes that the FPA Editorial entitle “The Collaborating Political Parties Must Come Clean”, did not do justice to its many readers, by deliberately refusing to do enough research cleverly on the role the CPP member which its claimed is ‘Unclean’, but rather ‘Pick Bones’ with a Liberian because of the selfish aim of the crafter of this editorial published in the FPA.

This writer has learnt with lucidity that the primary objective of the FPA Editorial is to brand the CPP member which it claimed is ‘Unclean’ not taken into consideration this ‘Unclean’ CPP member has over years helped to bring the CPP to where it is today, and has gained a formidable force ahead of the 2023 elections.

It is believed that the objective of the FPA Editorial is to sow seeds of discord aimed at creating division within the CPP leadership ahead of the 2023 elections, a situation on the part of the FPA must be publicly condemned by all well-meaning who believe in a united front in the opposition.

The FPA Editorial further called on ‘Cummings and Boakai to explain to Liberians and the world why they must be in political marriage with an individual who has been rejected by the international community, and is still wanted by the United States and the United Kingdom for running a criminal financial empire and engineering regional violence and death,’ this Editorial has missed the mark professionally.

This author want to called on both Cummings and Boakai not to take the FPA Editorial seriously, but rather to keep their heads above the waters of distraction and forge ahead as one front to make the difference in the pending 2023 elections as reliable opposition for the better tomorrow.

As the FPA editorial noted, ‘Enough is enough, this writer also called on opposition leaders to be mindful of individuals who may want to divide them, yes indeed this writer also agreed, ‘Enough is enough’. and that it is equally important that if FPA wants to remains credible at all times, its report must as well must always objective and credible.

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