Mr. William Harmon

My Take On A Member Of 55th House Of Representatives

Written By William Harmon|

I may not know all the new Representatives coming into the 55th National Legislature, but there is none of the Lawmakers in the Lower House who have the charisma, vibes, presence, and personality as J. Fonati Koffa (JFK).

Koffa may not be flawless, but he’s a unifier and a pacifier and is good at playing the middleman role (ask Yekeh Kolubah). He is that kinda go-to person. He is one of the very few who oozed personality and presence in the Golden Image Dynasty.

How I wish we could put away extreme politics and give each of our branches of government the maturity, intelligence, and personality they should have.

I’m one person who when the heads of the three branches of government meet, would like to see Class, Brilliance, Maturity, and Vision, and I sense these in JJS. (Joseph, Jonathan, and Sianneh).

FYI: JFK doesn’t even know me, though I might have reported on him at some events. I’m one person who observes people from afar. I’m not a man of proximity, I feel comfortable viewing from a distance. I don’t want proximity to influence my thoughts and judgment about people.

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