Jonathan Paye-Layleh

“My Suggestion to Ease The Constraints From The Ongoing Vehicle Inspection” – Jonathan Paye-Layleh

l wish to make this suggestion to ease the constraints associated with the ongoing 21-day vehicle inspection. Yes government needs to generate revenues for development, but I think we have to  proceed in ways that the whole nation is not brought to a standstill because of vehicle inspection. So here is my suggestion:

The Ministry of Transport, the Liberia Revenue Authority and insurance companies should team up and open up to 20 temporary document processing and payment centers across Monrovia. Vehicle owners going to those centers should only pay what they are  required to pay and obtain payment receipts. They can use the payment receipts to ply the streets and allow time for the Transport Ministry and insurance companies to process their documents.

That way we will not have people getting stranded in the streets all day as I have seen today.

So just open at least 20 temporary centers across Monrovia, get car owners to go there and pay and valid receipts that can be used to get in the traffic and then process their documents late.

The way it is currently being done makes even people who have regularized vehicle documents to suffer along with those who are not in compliance.

My one cent suggestion.

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