“My Life Is Been Continuously Threatened” – Cleric Brown Complains Of Nightmare

One of Liberia’s outspoken Clerics and Deputy Chaplain of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Rev. Cisco Brown has once again complained about threats on his life by unknown persons who usually visit his residence and on a daily basis, and sometimes follow his movement wherever he went.

In an exclusive interview with this outlet, the man of God reecho how his life has been in danger for stance on issues, particularly against ills in the country. He said this has made him a target of elimination by many young people, mainly supporters of the ruling CDC-led Government  noting that these guys are dangerous, and they are capable of taken away the lives of innocent  people for common nowadays.

Explaining further, Rev. Brown said he had been receiving numerous text messages and calls from anonymous sources threatening to set he and his family on fire for being a critic of the government, according to him, in one of the text messages received on his mobile phone, these unknown persons also vowed to gash his throat whenever he is caught.

According to him, some of the messages received, warned him to discontinue his advocacy against the Government, He said his church has a radio program on several radio stations in Monrovia including the OK FM  that broadcast their sermons.

When asked whether he reported these threats to authority, the outspoken Cleric responded in affirmative, noting, “The police is aware of my predicament”, stressing that he has reported this multiple times but to no avail.

He said he reported these threats both on his life and his family to the police but unfortunately it is yet to be addressed or arrest these would be perpetrators, explaining that he tried to overlook these threats, but instead, they are getting serious on a daily basis

He said the gravity of all of these intensified while driving home on SKD Boulevard when his vehicle was stoned at around 9pm on December 31, 2021, noting that he didn’t recognize anyone due to intense darkness as a result of lack of electricity. He said the only thing he heard from outside the window of the car was “God bless you fool”. This incident he said left his car windshield broken.

When asked whether he had issues with anyone before the incident, He explained that on one occasion, a youth leader of the ruling party in his community whom he hired to perform a pay for task openly accused him of being anti-CDC and that in case of any crisis in the country, he the pastor and his family would be the first target they will go after.

Rev. Brown speaking to the GNN, said he had been advised by some people he can’t name for their own safety to remain silent but he said how can you remain silent in such a situation when the society looks up to the church for guidance.

He said Liberia human rights records are so bleak. Gross violations of human rights including rape leading to death, secret killings pointing to the auditors and the head of the IAA and other Liberians, forceful recruitment of young girls for FGM, drugs infestation are going on right before our eyes and nothing is being done.

Stressing, “All you hear the government saying is we are investigating and that’s the end of the story. The clergyman said the implementation of the TRC report that people thought would have brought justice to the victims of the civil war has been swept under the carpet and they expect people to be quiet.

He said Liberia has now become a country where people can no longer speak out for fear of being attacked or killed.

Rev. Cisco Brown known for his tough talking sermons has on numerous occasions call out the judicial branch of government for rampant corruption and denying justice to the poor. He has also criticized the government of doing nothing about the killings and disappearances of innocent people.

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