My Homeland Liberia

By: Leymah R. Gbowee

Recent happenings in my homeland Liberia have been extremely concerning.

Unexplained deaths, daylight robberies and stabbing of folks, rape and abuse of young children especially, to name a few.

Activists and advocates continue to raise their voices about the ills with no redress, very few arrests of perpetrators, and deafening silence in places that matter.

The judiciary, executive and legislative rarely talk about these concerning issues. It is as if we live in the wild west.

Additionally, misplaced priorities govern many such situations, while leaders expect citizens to carry on as if all perfect.

Last week a young woman Princess Cooper was the latest victim of homicide.

The police have ruled out foul play, and this is another case that may eventually die without any recourse. In the same week—before Princess Cooper’s death—our Legislators were voting on a bill making breastfeeding mandatory. I thought I had read wrong when I saw the article.

With all of the happenings, the only thing considered sanctioning are women’s bodies?

Instead of mandatory breastfeeding:
Why not mandatory condom usage?
Why not make castration for sexual predators mandatory?

Why not make inappropriate relationships with underage children punishable with jail time?

Why not make corruption a felony with a lifetime sentence?

There are so many ways the leaders of our land can change the tide for the masses. Sadly, citizens, for now, are no longer a priority. By the beginning of 2023, these same citizens will be courted, wooed, wined, and dined with fantastical promises, never to be fulfilled.

The question that keeps playing on my mind is:
Will the masses fall for the antics and allow the M in masses to be dropped after elections?

Please say a prayer for my homeland Liberia.

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