My Advice to President George Weah – Kirkpatrick Weah Writes

Mr. Kirkpatrick Weah

President George Weah must keep a distance from any “Team” put together to investigate the “missing container.” The Team must be given independency in the true words of such team. There are many questions surrounding the money. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, her children and family cannot account for $17B (USD) in 12-year.They allegedly broke NOCAL (the oil company) down. President Sirleaf took responsibility without returning the money. Her son or she and her son built hospital in South Africa as alleged.

Reportedly, George Weah cannot find ” missing container and sixteen billions ( $16B LD) in nine months of his leadership.

Is President Weah surely innocent that he does not know where the money is? He, who seeks equity must come with clean hands. Many Liberians at home and in the diaspora maintain that Weah is not innocent at all. He is 100% aware of the money and where it disappeared to.

Is it only in Liberia that such huge amount will leave an airport and Freeport of Monrovia without security around the vehicles? How come? Are we so short on security men and women in the country like the yester years?

As a former member of the Secretariat, Liberia National Students Union (LINSU), jailed at both NSA and the Poststockade from July 8th – September 25, 1985, there is one regret I had and still have about our country. LACK OF SECURITY.

With millions pumped into the country for the training of the security sectors, I concluded that things were better. But, I got it wrong. There is no respect and protection of human rights. There are killings and arm rubbery almost each day in Monrovia.

Some members of their “covert operations” mouths run like fountain. No secret at all. People are buying visas from RIA. I have evidence to prove it. I can sit in Minnesota and buy visa from RIA without going to DC. I CAN PROVE IT !

Another question. Who is responsible to sign for the money upon arrival in the country and who actually signed for the container?

Where is Weah, his Ministers and others getting the millions from to buy and build the big, big houses in and out of Liberia in just nine months? Is it true that he is constructing or bought houses in Ghana and Liberia? There are houses being built by Weah in Monrovia after breaking down $150,000.00 home (allegedly).

The rhetorics by Weah that we all are family. Against this backdrop, it is hard to fight corruption. The Vice President ‘s statement, ” it is our time to chop” are very troubling. One sees them as affirmation of the reason why the container (s) went “missing.”

George Weah’s supporters, the neo-John G. Rancys will be the very ones to dump him and later say, ‘Weah lacked leadership and knowledge to run the country.’ It will be too late for him, because by that time, they would have bought more mansions in the diaspora, etc.

Lastly, I will suggest to Weah not to buy supporters at home and in the diaspora to sing praises to him against true compatriots. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf and Amara Konneh it did. It did not stop MOLAC’S protests. President Weah should know that some of us paid for press freedom and free speech. Weah should not allow his blind loyalists and gravy seekers to destroy whatever good intent he has for the country. We ‘ve heard ” Monkey come down” before. The Liberian people are not short of songs and slogans when they are really, really tired with hardship, suffering, etc. He must listen to those, who tell him the truth rather than making them his enemies. Vindictiveness is not an attribute of a good leader. My former school principal, Hon. William K. Reeves of Bishop Juwle High School told us years back that…” Had I known, is the most remorseful statement in life.” Since he has not reach this point, Weah needs to keep himself far from gravy seekers. Just my view.

I owe Geroge Weah NOTHING. He owes me nothing. The only thing we owe our country is ‘PATRIOTISM AND PRO WEALTH FOR THE POOR.’ I am Pro Wealth for the Poor.

Kirkpatrick Weah

ED Liberian Human Rights and Refugee Welfare Org (LIHRRWO)

Chair, Movement of Liberians Against Corruption (MOLAC)


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