Musa Bility Drags Sen. Dillon to court for Slander and Defamation, demands US$1M

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon

Crisis in the opposition ahead of the 2023 general and presidential elections widen by the day, with the latest between the National Chairman of the opposition Liberty Party, Musa Hassan Bility and an executive of the party who is also Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon received a lawsuit on Wednesday, January 26, filed a US$1 million for calling he Bility “criminal and fraudster”.

The suit was filed at Civil La Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia by Cllr. Arthur Johnson on behalf of the Liberty Party Chairman.

Though suspended by Bility, Senator Dillon remains one of the influential members of the party which has its stronghold in Grand Bassa County.

Cllr. Johnson told judicial reporters that Senator Dillion’s action amounts to damages for Libel and Slander by attachment.

Civil Law Court Judge Kennedy Peabody has ordered Senator Dillon to appear on March 21, to answer to the claim levied against him and that failure to do so, a judgment of default will be rendered against him.

Mr. Musa Bility

At the same time, the judge has granted the plaintiff plead for a Writ of Attachment, ordering the Clerk of the court to direct the Sheriff of the court to arrest, levy, seize and attach the lands, goods, and chattels of Senator Dillon to the tune of US 1.5 million dollars on failure to file a valid bond.

“You will also insert in said Writ of Attachment, commanding the Sheriff to notify the Defendant that should he fail to show properties, or rental income, that he Defendant or other authorized representative(s)_ shall be arrested and safely confined in jail until they shall have given the property bond in keeping with the law,” Judge Peabody ordered the Sheriff of the Court.

At the same time, the court has ordered the Clerk to insert a clause in the said Writ, an attachment, and Garnishment, commanding the Sheriff to notify Defendant to appear on February 5, to answer the complaint.

Failure to show properties or rental income, the court has ordered that Dillon be arrested and safely confined in jail until the proper bond be given in keeping with the law.

The plaintiff quoted a local daily (FPA), where Dillon is quoted as saying, “Musa is a criminal – I can prove it.”

He further indicated that “LP went to a conflict resolution hearing and Musa signed the document confessing that he criminally altered the Constitution of Liberty Party to shift authority that was not granted with them.”

US$1 Lawsuit Filed Against Senator Abraham Darius Dillon By Liberty Party Chairman Musa H. Bility On Allegation Of Calling Him (Bility) “Criminal And Fraudster.”

In his complaint to the court, Mr. Bility noted that Senator Dillon’s conduct against him is wrong, untrue, and has caused incalculable material and psychological injuries to him.

At the same time, the lawsuit noted that Dillon’s action has caused Mr. Bility degradation, embarrassment, inconvenience, mockery, social stigma, emotional distress, mental anguish, pains, and sufferings.

Meanwhile, Bility plead to the court that Senator Dillon conduct is illegally justified to sustain the action of damages for wrong, on grounds that he intentionally decided to go against Legislative ethics and the norms of the civilized society, therefore he should be ordered to pay a damage of US$1 million.

“These averments and assertions are untrue and unfounded as well as intended solely to defame, tarnish and destroy Plaintiff’s good name and reputation,” the court document stated.

Bility is, however, requesting Dillon to prove the allegations levied against him.

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