Murkowski to Vote ‘No’ on Calling Witnesses, Likely Ensuring Swift End to Impeachment Trial

By Zachary Evans | National Review |

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) talks to reporters after the U.S. Senate confirmed the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh in Washington, U.S., October 6, 2018. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

“I carefully considered the need for additional witnesses and documents, to cure the shortcomings of the [House’s impeachment] process, but ultimately decided that I will vote against considering motions to subpoena,” Murkowski said in a statement. “Given the partisan nature of this impeachment from the very beginning and throughout, I have come to the conclusion that there will be no fair trial in the Senate.”

Murkowski also criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) in her statement. On Thursday, Warren submitted a question to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, which he then read aloud, questioning whether Roberts might be accused of political bias in the event of a tie-breaking vote on witnesses.

“It has also become clear some of my colleagues intend to further politicize this process…while attacking the Chief Justice,” Murkowski wrote. “We have already degraded [Congress] for partisan political benefit, and I will not enable those who wish to pull down another.”

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