Mugabe dies of Covid-19 in Harare

Worthwhile Mugabe

Well-known Bulawayo tycoon Worthwhile Mugabe has died.

He died of Covid-19 in Harare.

Mugabe was DSK Holdings managing director.

Mr Mugabe was Worthwhile Investments founder. His company DSK Holdings had six subsidiary companies namely DSK Electricals, Girjac Services, High Peak Cables and Hardware, Power Control Systems, Kayzed Sales and another portfolio offering accommodation in Dalesford, Gweru’s leafy suburb. He also had his footprints outside the country.

Being a well-seasoned and experienced industrialist, Mr Mugabe had on countless times been awarded various private sector leadership accolades from reputable organisations such as Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce (ZNCC), MEGAFEST and Zimbabwe Institute of Management, to mention but a few.

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