MRUYP-LC Condemns Kinjor Protesters For Continued Demand Of Debar W. Allen Removal, Issues Statement

The Mano River Union Youth Parliament Liberia Chapter (MRUYP-LC) frowns at protesters for their continued demand for Mr. Debba Allen’s removal as Country Manager of BMMC and cautions that they stick to violation of the MDA by BMMC as the only legal tool to hold BMMC accountable.

Distinguished fellow citizens of Grand Cape Mount County and members of the press,

The Mano River Union Youth Parliament Liberia Chapter (MRUYP-LC) having condemned the violent protest action in Kingor and the Matambo corridors that led to the loss of lives, many wounded, and damage of properties, continues to demand speedy investigation and persecution by the national government in other to stop the reoccurrence of similar one.

In the same vein, the MRUYP-LC frowns at continued protest actions in demand of the removal of Mr. Debar Allen as Country Manager of BMMC as the said move will undermine the core issues raised against BMMC.

The MRUYP-LC believes that the only legal instruction through which BMMC is held accountable is the MDA which has no provision for the position of a Country Manager belonging to the government of Liberia and or the citizens of Cape Mount.

As much the MRUYP-LC stands prepared to form a part of every peaceful action in bringing to book BMMC on issues of violation of the MDA, it cautions protesters to be careful not to engage in acts of violation of the constitution as well.

The move on Mr. Allen as the only Liberian and black member of BMMC BOARD has no legal justification and said action might undermine the ongoing investigation that resulted in loss of lives, damage of properties, and those important counts unattended to by BMMC in the petition that is included in the MDA.

Let everyone stick to the real agenda, a patriotic call to action!!

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